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Classifieds Rules and Guidelines


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Classifieds Rules and Guidelines

NOTE! New Members Must Have 10 Posts Before They Can Answer or Post an Ad in the Classified Forum!! Same holds true for Private Messages!!*


Title the sale properly, as in 'For Sale', 'For Trade' or 'Want to Buy' and name the item for sale in the title.

All sales must include a price for the item, along with pictures of the item in the sales thread, and a good description of the item.

If the seller sets a price that is negotiable, then make note of that in the description such as the words "reasonable offers considered" but set a price to begin with.

No outside (off forum) sales accepted and no links to eBay auctions.

Ask legitimate questions if you're interested in an item. Civility is the hallmark of the CCF forum. Do not post negative comments. If you don't like a seller's pricing or item then move on to the next item.

Please do not ask what an item is worth in your post. We do not do evaluations or appraisals here. This goes for all sections of the forum. Check eBay completed listings to get an idea of values.


Know the person you are dealing with. Exchange phone numbers and addresses, and be sure you know what you are buying. Ask about shipping before you strike a deal.

If there should be a problem with a transaction, please PM any of the mods and we will try to help, but understand that we take no responsibility for any deals gone bad. Please do not air out problems on the forum.

If you want to buy an item, PLEASE post your intentions in the thread first, and then PM the seller. This is a courtesy to your fellow members and the seller so all will know who was first with their request.

Best is that we just do not post comments that reflect a perceived value that you may have paid for the same kind of item. In other words, let the seller's item stand on its own, no matter the value the seller places on his item. Thank you.

If your item was sold, let the board know by posting in your thread or in the thread title. This is a courtesy.

Ads will be deleted after 30 days.

Note About Making Payments to a Seller that You Do Not Know!

Due to some past problems, the Administrators advise that any transactions in the Classified Forum be done carefully. Please know your seller and buyer. If you use PayPal to pay for your transaction(s), consider paying the PayPal fees and NOT Friends and Family. This way, you are protected if you do not receive the item you paid for.

*New Members make new posts like positive comments in Just Bull or ask a question or two in Technical Assistance to activate the Private Message feature and to post in the Classified Forum.

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