For my customers wanting Model "M" parts:

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For my customers wanting Model "M" parts:


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Howdy to you fellows waiting on parts for Model "M" pricker castings and similar parts. You know who you are. Just a quick announcement:
I seem to have a handful of you waiting, and I don't mean to extend or delay your project needs, but I'm a little stuck behind the 8-Ball right now with a backlog of work. I'll get to them. I just need to find a place to take a breath and then I plan on doing all of the "M" burner stuff in one big job.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I'm happy and appreciative for all the work from not just the "M" burner guys, but from all of you who have jobs waiting, including what Rob is waiting for too.

Thank you.
In the mean time, trust that I am all "head down and elbows up" working!

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