I don't think anyone here would disagree with this---thread

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I don't think anyone here would disagree with this---thread


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People. Friends. Coleman collectors, and all the rest of you.... MAN!
THIS IS A NON POLITICAL FORUM. I mean, we (the mods) have only said this about 10 thousand times in the past decade, and it's like no one notices.

ENOUGH. A couple of you just want to squawk at each other. (I won't name you). Some of you want to support a small country. We get that, but it's not what OUR (all of ours) forum is about. STOP with this stuff. If you don't want to just talk about Just Bull in the Just Bull section, don't post.
Funny stuff is fine (Watch it, Bruce... ;) )
Weird stuff is fine. Don't get carried away, IOW, no dog BBQ awful stuff, but have some fun.
Stuff about certain nations in eastern Europe and the far east, or about anyone you just don't like, LEAVE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. N O T H E R E.

I hate this part of being a moderator, because it means I have to watch certain people. We are just a bunch of folks, alright? Chill. Be friendly. Have fun without bashing certain parties. We have all, (every member) worked hard to make this a good place. Enough rough stuff and poison threads. Not pointing to anyone in particular but the knife is out and fried chicken is for dinner. Get me?

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