A-47 530 stove valve problem

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A-47 530 stove valve problem


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I recently fettled an A-47 530 stove for my neighbor. It appeared to be in great shape. One screw in the supports was stripped, I had to drill it out and tap to next biggest size (12-24). In retrospect I should have left the supports alone.

Everything else seemed fine. Reassembled, used a bit of permatex #2 on the valve threads like usual. I did notice a thread or two looked stripped, a piece of thread was hanging onto the fount threads.

I lit it, it lit and ran as normal. So after a few days I returned it to my neighbor, yesterday, and gave him a demo. After the initial low pressure lighting I pumped it up. Noticed some bubbling around the valve threads... so I took it home. Disassembled, counted six turns to remove the valve. Found another loose brass thread...

I put it back together, this time giving one additional turn to the valve... still two threads visible above the bung... but now it wouldn't light and run. I believe I bottomed out the f/a tube. :(

Disassembled again, and this time used Indian Head gasket shellac. Let it get tacky, assembled. This time, with the shellac, it tightened nicely at 5 turns. I allowed it to set overnight.

Today at noon I lit the unit again, it lit and ran nicely. Again after a few minutes running I pumped it up to get a good hot burn. I checked the seal at the valve threads, looked OK. I shut it down, let it burn out the residual in the vaporizer. As I carried it back into the garage I heard a small bubbling... Yep, bubbling around the threads, :cry: so I released the pressure.

So... I'm thinking that the valve threads are shot. I'm guessing it's been worked on/valve removed too many times before (evidenced by the nearly stripped support screw when I got it)

I appreciate any advice, and/or the offer of a good valve assembly...

Lynn Klingel
Huntingdon, PA

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