CCF Rules & Guidelines ~~ Revised March 2023

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CCF Rules & Guidelines ~~ Revised March 2023


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Welcome to the Coleman Collector’s Forum!

Our mission is to provide information and support for the hobby of collecting Coleman and other gas pressure appliances. Think of this forum as an online community for fellow hobbyists.

Forum Rules…Please read!

- The moderators here are all volunteers with outside commitments. We rely on members to follow the rules and act appropriately.

- One account per member, please. Multiple accounts for one person will result in all of the accounts being deleted.

- Political threads/posts are not allowed and will be deleted. There are many online forums to voice your political views; please leave them off the forum.

- Common courtesy is required here. Insults, personal attacks, foul language, etc. will not be tolerated.

- If you encounter a problem with another member’s behavior, contact a moderator to address it. DO NOT start an online argument within a thread for everyone to see.

- If you take issue with how the forum is being moderated, send a personal message to a moderator. DO NOT air your grievances on the forum.

- We do not give valuations on items. Please do not ask for opinions on an item’s value. We suggest researching closed eBay auctions to get an idea of your item’s worth.

- Posting live auctions is strictly forbidden. This includes eBay and other online sales sites. The exceptions to this rule are buy-it-now items, humorously over-priced items or alerting the forum to an auction that is an obvious scam.

- Please do not double post in separate sections of the forum. Choose which section best suits your thread and go with that.

- Political and religious discussions are discouraged on this website. If it is believed that the end result of a discussion will be political or religious, the post may be removed.

- The CCF moderator team has the final decision on what constitutes breaking the rules. We reserve the right to move, remove, edit or delete any content deemed inappropriate for the forum. Further, repeated bad behavior (see above) will result in an account being either suspended or removed from the forum.

- This forum does not give out or sell your personal information.

Ultimately, these rules were designed to make this forum a friendly, informative and enjoyable site for all collectors and hobbyists to enjoy. If you have any questions, please reach out to a moderator.

One last thing, new members need to make 10 posts before they are able to post in the Classified Forum or able to use the Private Messaging feature. This is to keep scammers to a minimum.


The CCF Moderator Team

The Coleman Collectors Forum was originally the Old Town Coleman Bulletin Board Service in the early part of this century. In December of 2008, it became the forum as you see it today. It is a forum rich in knowledge of Coleman and other Gas Pressured Appliances. This "richness of knowledge" comes from those that come here and share what they know..
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