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1. Saw this on a 1947 220D yesterday. Took me a while to notice some differences. The 'o' is more condensed than the more common one (3) and there is no underline. The 'a' is a bit different too. I believe it is larger still than than the other two.

2. Another variration was posted by OregonMichael and has a different font much like the previous 1933-1946 large green straight line Coleman except the 'C' is lowered and has an underline under just the lower case letters and is larger than the common one (3). The horizon line is not contiguous, but perhaps just worn.

3. This is the more common one often seen with the extended 'o' and full underline.

There are slight differences in the Sunshine logo in all of these as well. Gar
Green 47D_diff.jpg
2. Hard to see, but there is an underline.
  Green 47-58 difs.jpg 
Green 47-59e.jpg 
1933-46 for reference on 2. Notice the 'e' and 'a'. Photo by Gunhippie.
Green 33-46g.jpg
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Wait a minute--I own that sweet globe?

Nice examples!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Ya that is yours Timm and nice. I was thinking the first one without the underline might be sort of rare, maybe just in 1947, a transitional. I just saw the same logo on a 1951 200 bulged globe that Toby just got, so I am wondering. Gar

Edit: I just heard from Toby and he thinks the globe was from a 242C. 1947 too perhaps?
Boy, I say boy... you're about to exceed the limitations of my medication.
- Foggy

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