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I'm wondering if there is interest in a Wisconsin campout/gathering?  I found a location in Waldo WI that has an open air shelter for fettling and display and they have the room  to facilitate about as many as we could bring imagine to bring for camping with many sites having water and electric, there's also a couple of bunkhouses that are rentable and there is a Sleep Inn 15 minutes east of the campground in Sheboygan.
I'm not sure on cost yet, depends on how "big" I would go with regard to food, meal/s, t-shirts etc....
But at this point just trying to gauge interest before I move forward with anything.
Coast to Coast
I am interested pending date.
-Bird- Milwaukee, WI.

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Depending on the weekend I would be interested.

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Wokakije wan bluha
Just FYI this is very early, I'm likely looking at a date in 2020 to allow plenty of time to plan.
Dean Dorholt
Yes Interested too
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Depending on the weekend, id be interested
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Carl k
I am very interested in going
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