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Good morning, and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

I was wondering if anyone had ever installed one of the wind proof burners from for example a 550 stove onto another model of single burner stove (like a model 400)?

I was camping without a wind screen recently and it took forever to boil water. I suppose the heat could still be whisked away by wind even with that burner type, but do you gents have any thoughts on this?

Does the burner with integrated baffles just keep the flame from getting blown out, or does it heat up better in the wind?  Would a wind shield around the burner or pot still be needed to conserve fuel while boiling water?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Matt


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I'm not familiar with the 550 stoves, they're too new! I don't know if that burner shroud is interchangeable with the older stoves with just the shallow bowl and cross grate. I use a folding wind screen for single burner stoves, like this...
Folding wind screen 2.jpg 
or this...
Folding wind screen 1.jpg 

Someone around here must know something about them, so I'll bump this for you...
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