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If you're in a public campground (State park, USFS, etc. ) so you're kind of near people what time do you shut the lights down?  Just wondering because last summer someone had a few going until like 1:30AM. 
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When I go to an established campground like that, I'm usually in bed by 11 or so. The lantern gets shut off then.

If I'm out in the woods in the middle of nowhere I might stay up later but in that case too the lantern shuts down when I do.

In a public campground I would never leave a lantern going all night after bedtime until it goes out. I think that's pretty disrespectful to other campers.
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When I go to bed which is not late at all when I go camping-usually by 9.
I run a light all night as an aid to others passing my camp (accustomed to being in heavily populated areas), but let's just say that light is NOT a 237.  (Instalite LPA-6 and a 9975 frosted globe, it's what propane was actually made to do: five or eight lumens.)

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Most of the time 9 to 10 pm. But it depends, one time years ago we went to the Smoky Mts. on vacation. There were no other campers in our area and the wardens had already cautioned us about bears in camp. My sons ages 11 and 14 were in one tent and my wife, daughter, and I were in another tent. I kept my lantern hung by a rope in a tree lighting up the whole campsite all night every night.                 poppa  
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I shut mine off just before I head to the tent for bed, allowing it to cool down. After it's cool enough I put it in it's carrying case then go to sleep. As far as what time? Usually 9-10 p.m. I like to go to bed early enough to wake up early and enjoy the morning. 
I shut pressurized lanterns down at bed time.  I light a Dietz lanterns for the all night light.
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NEVAR!!!!!   MUAHAHAHAHA!      Actually, I shut mine off when I go to bed, usually about 10.  My Austramax is very nice for this, I just crack the bleeder valve, then it gives me enough time to get in bed, then goes out.
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I would have to leave mine burning till 1:30 if I actually wanted it to throw some light. Don’t really get dark here come June.
I generally turn mine off when I go to bed, but before then mostly leave it at night-light levels, I go out into the wilderness to see the stars and get away from light pollution, not to create it! 😉
Normally we use the lantern for cooking and set up, then it goes out, we like the campfire and watching the sky.
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If you need a Sun Flame Generator Model 100-107 ( for Sunflame lanterns models 105, 106, 107 and 110) give me a PM, I have close to 80 of those, 15 bucks each.

IF there is no curfew it varies with the group at the site. though after it was mentioned, I may take a Dietz 40hour with a red globe or two to mark the way through the camp and to-from the lavatories

we had a small gathering at a Texas state park a couple of weeks ago and they had a quiet hour curfew at 10pm. of course there was an unauthorized generator running, music and a few lanterns going long past that time, until the ranger came by.
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I don't use campgrounds unless I'm forced to. I turn two of my lanterns off after dinner. leave one running until bedtime then it shut off. I generally keep my lanterns running at a low setting. As low as you can set a 200 or 228!
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arizonacamper wrote:
I don't use campgrounds unless I'm forced to. I turn two of my lanterns off after dinner. leave one running until bedtime then it shut off. I generally keep my lanterns running at a low setting. As low as you can set a 200 or 228!
i do the same, only the light needed for dinner then the campfire light is all that is needed
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Just like Lionel Ritchie sang, "all night long". I'll put them on low as at our age we have to make peek breaks at 3AM. Climbing out of a camper to pee is kind of unsafe. They are also to good to have on for killing bugs too. The skeeters got some place hot to go die. It's a safety thing for us. We have our headlamps, but the bugs just attack you.
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The opening day of the High Lakes fishing season was in mid April in Oregon. Pop and I used to go to where you would call a fish camp. Everybody in the camp was going to be out on the lake in their boats at the crack of dawn when fishing became legal, so pretty much all the Coleman lanterns went out at 9 p.m. in camp. 0500 comes awful early. When "dawn" broke at say 0613hrs, bait went in the water, and didn't come out unless it had a fish in place of the bait on the line. Pop was what you would call an "avid fisherman."
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I turn my pressure lanterns off when I go into the pop-up for the night, but the one on the tree I turn as low as it will go and then turn off the tank valve. It will run for about another half hour and then go out when it uses up the propane in the tree...
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In the morning when I wake up.
We were down on the Salmon north of Stanley, Idaho last month in a USFS CG and a car camper came over and requested a travel trailer guy turn off his generator at 8p. The sites are well spaced and the gen was not a Honda but not loud. I don't understand the intolerance to include the lanterns that has arisen in the last few years.
My 200A goes down when I turn in but if requested to turn off I would probably pull out the other 3 and run all night. If you want dark dark go some place appropriate. 3 propanes throw more lumens than 1 200a.
Lanterns out by 10:00 at night. Which is also bedtime when we go camping. 
Barton J. Redmon
Just for cooking and dinner, I enjoy campfires and stars.
Can't sleep, squirrels will eat me....

If you need a Sun Flame Generator Model 100-107 ( for Sunflame lanterns models 105, 106, 107 and 110) give me a PM, I have close to 80 of those, 15 bucks each.

We would always give the 200a one last pump at bedtime and turn the tip up to reduces the glare and go on to bed. I always remember hearing that last little pop, as the flame went out! 

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brucesheehe wrote:
I shut pressurized lanterns down at bed time.  I light a Dietz lanterns for the all night light.

Same here.

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I agree with Bruce. I think it's kind of bad form to leave a lantern burning all night if there are tenters in nearby sites.

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No later than 10PM at the campsite, unless someone goes to bed earlier in a tent.  When our VW group goes camping, I keep a profane on a profane tree running all night to light the way to the biffie.  The ladies appreciate that instead of stumbling around in the dark.
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OK....I admit... there are some Scotch genes in my DNA.  Ergo, I turn my lanterns off about 3-5 minutes before I turn in.  Why waste fuel?!?!
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When we had the pop-up camper we were next to a young family with one of those gargantuan 5vers. Just before they shut the lights out inside, a big bright porch light came on and stayed on all night.

I talked to the guy the next day and he apologized and said it must have been one of the "little ones." 

I turn the lanterns off when we go to bed, but we have an amber porch light on the camper that I normally leave on all night. 

Usually fire up two while cooking dinner and turn one off after the dishes are done. Then shut down the last one just before retiring to the popup for the night which is usually well before 10pm.
Rob in NC
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It depends. 

If nothings going on I switch to wick lanterns after dinner, I like the more subdued light. 
If I'm tinkering with a lantern, playing cards or something they go out when I'm  finished, and always when I turn in. 

I have an old "Traffic Gard" I burn for a night lite when I think I need one.

Was once next to a guy trying to get his kids to sleep, I just put a reflector on my 228 and made sure his tent was in the shadow.
Worked out just fine.
Manners matter. If boondocking I may leave one on low in case if a head call. If in a campground I usually turn off because there’s usually plenty of ambient light. Good topic.
Wow, it sure is hot in here!
When out in boonies I leave at least 1-2 on all night turned on full. When in a campground I shut them off at quiet time 10 or 11PM. Common courtesy still rule our camping.
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Shortly after the park warden shows up....🤣
The guys I camp with usually like to hang by the fire and have a couple of nice scotches or bourbons after the kids have gone to bed. There might even be some cards played.  I shut them off when we go to bed usually by 2:00 or 3:00 am
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Last night my 242C shut itself down when it ran out of fuel. Sometime before sunrise I would guess. I think I fell asleep. It was out of fuel this morning and the valve was still open.

Stephen - Florida
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