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Really guys what do you camp with, actual users--propane is OK! I know not too many arcs are out for deer camps.....
My normal users are a Northstar, a 286 with the g-mod globe for softer lighting, and a rotation of either a blue 321, an agm model 100 on occasion, a 200a, or a 5107 frank.
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2 or 3 user mid 60s 200 A's and a couple of 228d these are all I ever take with me. Sometimes a 242 also.
Stoves i take either my 426b or 413g with a 502
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
I like to swap out my camping lanterns but with the stoves I stick with a Sears blue/mango 3-burner and a 500 Speed Master as back up.

Last trip we took a North Star CF, Sears light blue 228, and an Optimus 930 - I usually include a small Euro kero lantern like the 930 as I can heat the camper with it if needed and my wife doesn't mind. 

You mention profane and yes, since we camp with an old canned ham from 1949 we have LP when needed but usually only use the oven. If we are camping with novice's I will take a profane lantern or two for them. 

And since you mention it - at deer camp I take one of my Milspec lanterns and let it run all night as kind of a courtyard night light for anyone needing it. 
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I rotate through the lanterns, but the stoves are always these--unless I take the 500A instead of the 500.

I need to build a case for the Arc so I can take it out sometime.
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Stoves - Coleman 3F & 500.   Sometimes a 502.  Also love my KampKook #3
Lanterns - 327, 242, early 200’s. 220B

all from the collection, most have plenty of wear but I like the vintage look and feel. 
My original L228 slant dated March, 1928. If I only take one, that is the one. I transport it wrapped with a towel in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. The bucket always comes in handy for some purpose, like soaking ears of corn in the husk.
It was Love at first light!!! Scott
BTW, here's my "camping box", full loaded:

It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
Walk a mile in a man's shoes before you criticize him--then you're a mile away, and he has no shoes.
Texan's last words: "Y'all--hold my beer--I wanta' try sumptin'."
Timm--Middle of nowhere, near the end of the road, Oregon.
The stove choice depends on what’s on the menu.  Usually a couple of single burners and a 2-burner.  Many user lanterns to pick from but I usually take only a couple and I prefer the QuickLites.  And they will probably have reflectors on them so I can keep the light where I need it and not in everyone’s faces.  When I’m done needing the ‘Sunshine of the Night’ out go the lanterns and I usually fire up a lamp.  To be honest, I don’t care for a bunch of light in camp.  I’d much rather dialed it way down and enjoy the free light show overhead provided by Ma Nature!  
I always take my dads 425c, step dads 413g and my late 40’s 426. Now that I have lanterns to take, that’s anybody’s guess😄
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Got a 295,413 packed in camp trailer at all times. I add various lanterns and usually a single burner stove whick lately has been my 508 it simmers better than any of my 502's I've been using. Occasionally I switch my 426 instead of 413.
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Stove:  425NL when I take the TT;  KK model 3 if an overnight run, with a SEVA 123 and a 123 clone for backup, or instead of.

Lanterns:  TT has a 242b, 2 55 200A, the 222 frank;  over-nighters- 24275 Frank, a  Sears Jr,  and then whatever else hits my fancy for an extra or three.
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My go to for years now has been a 413, albeit with a propane adapter, sorry its just really convenient. a 502 for coffee first thing, a caloric cub oven/ broiler, so more propane and a dutch oven. Lanterns are generally whatever new one I'm most excited to show my dad. I'm now switching out to a 426NL with the same adapter, and this weekend I'm taking my 460 handy gas plant to boil big batches of corn.

Back packing with my son's scout troop I either take a 400 or a hank roberts stove with a homemade adapter to run newer butane canisters. have tried taking a 242 lantern on some trips, but actually got complaints from the kids about the light. they wanted to hang out in the dark.

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So I cheat...I admit it...only way I can get the wife camping is with the travel trailer. So normally I leave my stoves home and use the goods in the camper for meals. However, my 530, son's 440 and daughter's 400 feather, have all made trips for doing hot chocolate in the colder months by the campfire. Lanterns are the fun part. I always bring 5. 4 of them have to have something in common (gas type, number of mantles, same vent style you get the idea) and then a friend. The friend can be any of my group.

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Over the last few years it varies, but here's what I actually use.

Car camping:
Stoves - Model 2 (weekend trips) or two 502s, plus an M-1950 for coffee, propane (week-long hunting camp), 445
Lanterns - 222, 243A, 228F, 228B, Mil-Spec, 290, 220B, Aida Express Record 1500 (kero) 

Multi-day river trips:
Stoves: 520, 530, 502, 400A
Lanterns - none

Stoves: M-1942 MOD, M-1950, Optimus 8R, Coleman Denali, 400A
Lanterns: none

I like to try out as many as possible, but I do have favorites and those go with more than the others.
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Most trips I have at least 3 220’s , a 413g handle’s the cooking, the 502 takes care of coffee and dishwater. Keep in mind our camp’s or either a little piece of dry ground in a swamp or a sand bar on the river. We are ROUGH on equipment a 220 fill’s our lightning needs very well. Easy to come by, cheap, simple to repair, but most of all dependable.43CB229C-9759-4AA5-9469-47CFE1788A1E.jpeg 
Hippie, that’s a sweet van! Lol
Solo camping stoves, mostly I use wood, the 400 is used only when everything is wet.
Car camping with the boss, always one 413, and usually something else for a backup.
The RV has propane, but we seldom use it during the summer as it heats up the camper interior too much
thumbnail_2019-12-08 11.31.29.jpg 
We always have the old Primus for making kettle corn with the Whirly Pop, the grandsons love the hear the stove roar!
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This weekend it’s going to be my 11/71 200a,413g stove with a 500 for coffee or what ever doesn’t fit on the 413.
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NorthStar with frosted globe/228D for picnic table (amber globe).

413G with side trays and stove stand (with Coleman utensil set).

500 stove (large size fuel cap) for an extra burner.

Lodge combo-cooker.
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3h stove for larger pots etc., 425d fee smaller meals or Coleman griddle.
northstar cf for general lighting along with 201 kero.  Reading next to the camp fire is a 228C as it makes that soothing slurping sound.
Dan Bennett
My trusty 425nl stove is my main stove the last 5 years. I’ll bring a 3 burner too for cooking bigger meals. My 237 and at least one AGM big kero and my old crusty burg 200A are always at the campsite. Also a 335 I have several style globes I bring and swap out. When nothing else is lit these few are lit every trip. Everything else seems to just sit on the tables. I’ll usually bring a box of stuff to fettle as well. 
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For beach day-trips I just take my 425C.  
For beach multi-nighter fishing trips I have my 413G, 288 or 285A (son's birthday) for night fishing, and a rotation of non-shelf-queens for camp; dad's 228F if in a cabin or Granspa's 220E for tent camping.  
If I'm heading into the woods I like my 413E and whatever lanterns tickle my fancy at the time, but I've been known to take a 327, 237, sears single, heck even a 275 one time that did just fine after I removed the scrunched pricker wire.
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