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I have a 500 dated B-41 that I fix coffee on from time to time. It is definitely not a shelf queen. When I was showing it to a friend, he spotted the markings on the generator and asked if it was original to the stove. Not being the first owner, I had no idea. Then he asked, if I had a replacement generator, and if so why I didn’t use that one and salt away the clearly earlier one. 

So two questions...1. Is the generator the same vintage as the stove, and 2. Should I swap generators; what would you do?

E.B. Leland
Kansas John
I would use it as is.  
John M. Lawrence, KS
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I've seen those on here before...I believe in a 237 gen? May have been a 500. Either way I'd probably use it just the same. Neat piece Ã°Å¸â€˜Â
Thanks for sharing.
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
I just found this the other day on my new to me b/46 236. It’s probably original mine appears to be as it has the asbestos packing. Use it I am66A96572-93C7-4C4A-A7FA-AB162DD14745.jpeg  EB4CC52E-939C-4A23-BF38-EA5A286D8F35.jpeg
James sizemore
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If it ain't broke......

Should the generator fail to perform as desired , or fail worse , it can then be put away.
IF an appliance is all original , stuff will get replaced with lots of use eventually.
Keeping one original item without the hours on it the rest of the unit has on it , gains the owner what?
Yes folks put a globe up for safe keeping. (I don't , but have no priceless ones either).
A generator is a more commonly replaced item. Keeping the original close by if it is replaced , sure. 
But taking it off to run a replacement ...And now it's deliberately not original. Vs required to run part replacement....I wouldn't give you grief about the generator . Even if worth more than the appliance. In which case I'd be running an expensive generator.
My heirs don't need an expensive generator. And I'm not using one for an investment and expecting to cash it in for glorious cash and prizes before my own body's generator fails.

"What's this?" "I don't know , a lantern thingy maybe, toss it on the pile . We gotta get this stuff cleaned up and out of here or we'll never get done."
Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
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Your B41 500 is it nickel or painted?  


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I have seen 237 generators marked with the rising sun. 
ICCC # 1402
I have some of the 237 gens. I may have others, but I haven't looked.
Mister Wilson
I have a 237 and a 247 with generators marked like that.
Edit:  Whoops, 242B, not 247.
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
This reminds of an article in a gun/hunting magazine in the early 1990's. The well-known guy being interviewed was asked "Why are you using that pre-64 Winchester rifle? Don't you think some of them should be saved for the next generation?". The guy replied, "If the next generation wanted to use pre-64 Winchesters, they should've been born sooner.". I don't hold his response as a rule, but it did make me think that the next generation may not want this stuff anyway, but also, this stuff was made by some craftsman/machinist/factory worker somewhere with the intent that it be used and not set on a shelf to collect dust. So, I always try to keep that in mind when trying to decide what I want to do with something I may want to set aside.
"Don't let the weather run your life" - Steve
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First of all, thank you everyone for responding. I always love to hear what others have done, are doing, or will be doing.
I don’t have the collection that some have, but I do have several other stoves and this one is a favorite. I live in Maine and there is just something about fixing a cup of coffee on my nearly 80 year old stove while I’m hunting with my grandfather’s gun miles from any other people that I thoroughly enjoy.
The more I think about it, this 500 runs like a champ so why screw with it. As Stovie-Steve says, by using it I am honoring the guys who built it. 

Chris - This stove is nickel. As near as I can make out, it is probably one of the last before nickel became too valuable to the war effort. 

Thanks again everyone!
E.B. Leland

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