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I tried this once on another board with no success. From reading the posts here I think it may get a much better response. [sHa_yes2]

Post your best tip or trick! Lets see if we can share the info and maybe learn something new. Can be camping tips/tricks or something that is just useful in a pinch.

Ill start with my top 3

#1) A pressure cooker at 15psi for 15 min will sterilize items. Place 3 jars in the bottom of the pot and put the grate on top of them. Wrap your item in aluminum foil and pressure cook for 15 min. Items need to be metal, Pyrex, or HDPE Once done it is surgical sterile meaning it is just a sterile as that used for surgery.  (Im going to note that I have a degree in mycology and have used a pressure cooker in place of an autoclave many times.)

#2) In a pinch, A gas powered car will run on CF! I used this one a couple of years ago, ran out of gas and was a couple of miles from a station. Put 1/2 gal of CF into the tank and drove up to get gas. (Though on this board I suspect that it is common knowledge)

#3) When going camping, put your eggs in a water bottle. No worrying about breaking them in the ice chest. Just take a funnel and crack your eggs into the water bottle. Seal it up and toss it in the ice chest.

So what are your best tips and tricks?
The egg tip is a great one. Thanks for that one!
Shane Looking for the following Canadian birthday lanterns or lamps: 2-32, 6-34,
-A followup of your second one: Coleman will come in handy when the fuel pump in your car goes out. There was a member on here whose fuel pump went out a mile from his house; he ran home, grabbed a 220 fount, and drove the rest of the way home with one hand out the window pumping madly!
-Don't tighten down the ball nut on a lantern you're going to light. The vent will expand from the heat, and if the ball nut is tight, it can wreck your porcelain.

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My best tip: Don't burn current production mantles. Some here like Peerless. I like the old Silklites.
A tuba on the picnic table at camp will deter others from camping next to you
Mark __________________________________________
Bagpipes do just as well. Maybe even better.
Einstein, when describing radio said "Wire telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull his tail in NY and he meows in LA. And radio works the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."
This is a good thread! When we go camping, just about every thing we do is a trick, tip or custom!

Here's some of ours (though most seasoned campers know all my tricks and tips);

1. Before you go camping, pre-measure pancake or waffle mix in recycled plastic containers. Use the kind of mix that requires water only to be added. That way, you just have to add water to the container and shake it up to use it.

2. Bring some wooden shims to help level off your Coleman stove stand. Cooking is always easier on a level surface.

3. Wipe some dish soap on the outside of your percolator or pots before using them on a fire or a stove. Makes cleanup a snap! Not necessary on cast iron.

4. Dollar store dog chains make great lantern hangers.

5. A bungee cord makes a great paper towel roll holder on your picnic table, folding table or up in the corner of your EZ Up canopy.

6. A set of white LED string lights (battery operated) makes a perfect light inside your cabin tent. These LED string lights are readily available right now because all the Christmas lights are out on display and for sale. They are under seven bucks and last a whole trip or more on battery power.

7. Dollar store foot powder (mentholated) keeps critters off your picnic table, when you can't use firearms.
Sprinkle it on the benches, or sparsely on the table top. Field tested, kept annoying squirrels off our table.

8. LED headlights have become one of my "must have" items when camping. Having hands free lighting for many tasks has proven to be an essential accessory. Get one for every family member. Still cheap at Wal-Mart. Great stocking stuffers for kids.

9. Rubbing some wax, oil, graphite or silicone lube on tent zippers will renew many old zippers that don't work properly, keep good zippers working smoothly and quiet some zippers. Remember to lube those tent zippers!

10. Small spring clamps are good to add to your camping box. They are good for several uses including hanging towels to dry, hanging privacy blinds on your EZ Up canopy, hanging string lights in your tent, holding tent doors open, etc.

11. Propane bottle torch. I always bring a propane torch when car camping now. So much easier and more dependable than matches or BBQ lighters. Great for stoves, lanterns, campfires and trimming rope. Tip; pack it in your suitcase stove.

12. In hot weather, freeze your milk (or a quart at least) and your water bottles (or a gallon) before you leave and put them in your camp cooler. Stays colder and keeps your food in the cooler colder as well.

13. Refill your one pound propane bottles. Invest in a Mac Coupler or similar refilling device. Saves a fortune on those increasingly expensive mini propane tanks. Also, check at campground recycling stations for once used propane bottles. Seems so silly to throw out those metal one pound propane tanks. You'll feel good about keeping those out of the landfills!

14. Store salt and pepper in a 35mm film container (if you still have one around!). They are the perfect size for a camping trip.

15. A used coffee can makes a good, waterproof container for a box of wooden strike anywhere matches.

16. Dollar store paper towel roll holders can be mounted beneath many plastic folding tables, giving easy access to paper towels and protecting the paper towels from the elements at the same time.

I fit one under my 6' fold in half table and one under my 2' x 4' fold in half table.

I actually got a two pack of paper towel roll holders for a buck at my local dollar (and more) store. Great deal!

I did not want to mount the holder on the edge of the table because it would interfere with the storage and transport of the table.

Next, I want devise a way to mount a bottle opener on a folding table (not just by using a tether!).

Gary Coleman, I am.
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Looks like I am going to have to stop by the dollar store and get a couple of dog chains, thats a great idea!
Spare trash bags make great emergency ponchos

the base of a fallen pine tree contains a lot of pine tar/sap to help get a fire started

I'll come back with more soon.
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Always put the drain plug in the boat before you launch. No need to test this tip.
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LED string lights?  Like these?


They're in the shape of lanterns. I tried to snag a pic, but to no avail. A buddy of mine got some for our last campout, but it got cancelled due to weather, so I haven't seen them yet.
Einstein, when describing radio said "Wire telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull his tail in NY and he meows in LA. And radio works the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."
LED string lights.

I have those mini Coleman lantern ones. They're okay, but a little bulky and fragile for camping. I'm thinking more like these ones. They're super compact, run on AA batteries and so cheap, you don't mind if you break or lose them. Readily available at Walmart and Target in the Christmas section. Shown here in blue, but I get white ones.


Gary Coleman, I am.
I.C.C.C. #1035
 Gettysburg Camping Trip, June 9-14, 2020, at Artillery Ridge Campground.
Freeze ready to cook meals. Saves on ice.
Transfer dry goods to reusable baggies. Saves on space and bags can be washed.
Pack out more than you pack in. I have a tendency to walk around camp and pick up garbage.


You might find this link interesting…



And here is a link to a similar discussion…




Unbreakable toys can be used to break other toys.

If a man builds a reliable side stand for a BMW motorcycle, the world would beat a path to his doorstep.
Roll your truck (or car) window down about 3/4 of the way. Use the window edge to touch up the edge on your knife blade.
We'll leave the lantern on for ya. Jim

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Cut top off a 5 gallon bucket. Use a flat bungee cord to wrap around cut bucket with a trash bag between cord and bucket top. Then hang the bucket bag this way the bag is always open.

We use gallon jugs and make half gallon kool aid and juice in them. Put the jugs in the home freezer, than make more drink on top. Saves cooler space. We also plan our meals and freeze what we can and thaw in cooler.

Camper keys on a bright painted broom handle. So they are not misplaced. 

Kevin,boys b-day's 9-04, 3-08, 8-11 
I think I have a clue, which can be dangerous. 
Now with pictures!
I like prescription bottles for a good water proof container for things like matches.
Einstein, when describing radio said "Wire telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull his tail in NY and he meows in LA. And radio works the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."
Don't forget some sand paper or something to light the matches put in the pill bottle too!
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we do allot of crown land camping so these are actually field tested.  

you can use bacon grease mixed with olive oil as Chainsaw bar oil in a pinch

if you snap the handle of you axe you can burn out the piece of wood stuck in the axe head to get the wedge out 

corn chips or cheesies work great as a fire starter kindling 

ICCC # 1098
Tip:  Go camping as often as possible, beats the city anytime.

Tip: if you must buy ice for the cooler, go with blocks and keep in shady area.  I get 4-6 days with ice left in a normal old Coleman cooler that way.
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On a breezy day, you can always start a fire with some 0000 steel wool and most any battery.  9v and cell phone batteries work well, AAs will work but not as easily.

I also carry matches in large pill bottles.  I buy the matches in boxes, and cut out the side of the box (where you strike the match) to fit in the bottle. 

I know from experience that CF should NOT be used to start a campfire!  I used about half a cup to light a campfire one time...poured it on and quickly stepped back about 10 feet, and tossed a lit match.  The circle of flame almost reached my feet, and what a big WHOOOOOF! when it lit!
Its always darkest before you light the Coleman lantern!
In Rock We Trust!
>>I know from experience that CF should NOT be used to start a campfire!

People have been burned.  
A relative if mine almost died starting charcoal with gasoline.
Another relative of mine picked up a CF can THINKING it was kerosene - hospitalization required.

IF I were going to use CF to start a fire,
and I am not saying that I would,
I would make sure no kids saw it,
because they will likely do what they see you do.
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Good advice on not using CF to start fires.

I really drilled that into my kids heads, figuring they
would certainly be in a situation of starting a
campfire some day with somebody who has never
started one and would use gasoline or CF.

A local girl got severely burned when some
boys dumped gas on a fire and it
Gary Coleman, I am.
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Don't buy 5 gallon plastic buckets (Homer buckets) at the store.

Find a nearby (large) bakery and check their recycle bins out back.

They use nice, white, food grade buckets that are easily washed out to use
for camping or lantern storage.

They come with a snap on lid that makes them waterproof, so good for boat
or canoe camping or wet weather, to protect cameras, phones, electronics.

Those snap on lids can be difficult to remove, but Home Depot sells a replacement
lid that twists on and then opens and closes very easily, yet is still air tight.
It's called the Gamma Seal lid.


I also get 5 gallon water jugs from the bakery recycle bins. They are blue and also food
grade, so a good cleaning is all they need.

The caps on these blue containers have a threaded insert that you can screw a water
spigot into, making them easy to dispense water.

Perfect for dry camping!

Gary Coleman, I am.
I.C.C.C. #1035
 Gettysburg Camping Trip, June 9-14, 2020, at Artillery Ridge Campground.
I found a good source for a larger size bucket. Pool maintenance companies get pool chemicals in buckets that are 6 or so gallons, and have a screw on lid.  A pressure washing gets it clean.
Einstein, when describing radio said "Wire telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull his tail in NY and he meows in LA. And radio works the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."
No. 7. Use mentholated foot powder to keep squirrels away. I'm going to try that one.  I have had no luck using traps, or poisons, to rid my workshop of squirrels. 

Try out a Dutch Oven. Fun way to cook, the food is what camping is all about?! Breakfasts, cobblers, cornbread. Coleman makes a decent Dutch oven, I've seen them in the clearance section on the Coleman web site. Also, use the parchment paper liners (lodge or Coleman). Saves a lot of clean up time and trouble.

Funny story; my brother was camping once, made a cobbler in his Dutch oven. It was late when they were finished, they left the oven and the leftovers on the picnic table. In the morning it was as clean as a whistle, spotless! The raccoons cleaned it for them.

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I bring 2 coolers, a newer coleman unit for the food that needs to say cold, and I only open it when I make breakfast lunch or dinner. That way blocks of ice will last much longer than 4 days in that cooler (Ive left after 4 days and 2 blocks were still 80% there). I keep the beverages and snacks in an old blue Coleman Lowboy, I load up on Ice cubes and it  will usually just last 3 or 4 days of being opened alot
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Keep your cooler, cooler.

I have a favorite place to go car camping.  I usually take four Coleman Poly light coolers.  !- cooler is only for beverage cans (non alcohol variety and water bottles that are frozen.) Pack bottom layer standing up, side by side. Add crushed ice to a level that the next layer of cans, on their side will be near the surface. Top of with crushed ice. All cans should be cold before putting in the coolers. 2- second cooler is for any food that can be frozen. Separate portions and freeze to -10°F.  3- bigger keep cool things.  Chili, sloppy joe, etc. Milk, juice, pickles, olives, mustard, ketchup, salsa, etc. cheese, and bread, and buns. 4- As much extra Ices as I can. I make my own block ice, about the size of a small bread loaf.  Frozen to 10°  they don't even think about melting until half way through the week. Then, my secret ingredient:

Quilted casket covers. I delivered caskets for over 50 yrs and found other uses for these wonderful things. They are a heavy, quilted, furniture pad sewed to fit offer caskets.When folded in fourths, length wise, wrapped around a cooler, secured with plastic wrap, then set on other casket covers folded to create a square, insulated pad, underneath, and  two more covers folded in fourths laid over the tops of the coolers, my solid state refrigeration lasts me all week. You may no have easy access to casket covers.  Try a movers supply for heavy, padded movers pads in a size suitable for your needs.  Four layers thick works good for me.


if you use a tarp, add a short length of bungie cord to the grommets Tie your guy lines off the bungies, if it gets windy the bungie streches and doesn't pull out the gromets

Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"
Great tips!

Ill add a new one. Fresh bread while camping is easy.

Take a ziplock sandwich bag and add to it.

1 1/2c flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp yeast

Seal it up and take it with you.

When you are ready, add 1c of water to the bag and seal it. Mix it thoroughly / kneed it through the plastic bag.  Once all the ingredients are mixed and wet, remove as much air as you can from the bag and let set over night.

The next morning grease a small pan, or use cooking spray. I've used the cooking pot from my aluminum mess kit, it also works in a 6" to 8" cake pan. Put the contents of the bag into a small pan. You can turn the bag inside out and put your hand in it to work the dough around into the pan. Let it set for 2 or more hours for the second rise.
Bake for 20 to 30 min in a dutch oven, Coleman oven, or even in a larger covered pot on your stove.

Double the recipe will fill a 9" bread pan. I make that up in gallon sized bags and keep it on hand to make fresh bread here at the house. No mess, no fuss, simple and easy.
Nothing beats warm fresh bread out of the oven!
"if you snap the handle of you axe you can burn out the piece of wood stuck in the axe head to get the wedge out"

  This definitely works but: bury the cutting edge in the ground and build a small fire on top of the ax head. This prevents loss of temper in the edge.
Sorry SupGen

But that will definitely WRECK the temper of the axe head!
Maybe OK on cheap asian axes...
See  "An ax to grind"  available on line...

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Understand that I did not recommend this method. I only said that if you did, say as a field expedient so you could re-hang an ax in the field without access to proper tools, burying the cutting edge in the ground will save the temper of the edge, as the ground will act as a heat sink. The rest of the axe head is not tempered, and won't be harmed. As far as "cheap asian axes" most of my axes (except for a couple of beaters) are either vintage U.S. manufactured (Collins/Homestead, Kelly, etc.) or from current U.S. manufacturers like Council Tools or Snow & Neally who are at least trying to keep the tradition of quality U.S. axe manufacturing alive. Thanks for the link though, that was an excellent read, very informative.

Keep the melt water drained from coolers your ice will last alot longer.
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Use two closely spaced live trees and leverage to break off fire-sized pieces of a downed and dead tree log.
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We use an 11 liter jug of bottle water ( reuse with water from home)   start with it frozen for the cooler. It    lasts for approx. 5  days and then you also have safe water for drinking if you are where there is no fresh water supply. Also cooler doesn't fill with melt water.

When going on an extended trip I use 1 cooler for everyday foods and 1 cooler is full of frozen food....doesn't get opened for 2-3 days and then the frozen food will then last for 6 - 9 days ( when using the above ice method) and only opening the cooler at the most once per day.  

Also start by priming your cooler by filling it with cold water first.
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LL Bean stole my idea and sells LED string lights (for camping) now.

Of course, theirs are $20, mine were $4.44 at WalMart.

Gary Coleman, I am.
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Ron Solo
Dog waste bags make great carsick bags. Cheap and you just tie them off and dispose of in a trash can.

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Good idea with dog waste bags. We always kept airline barf bags in our seat back pockets for the kids,
but we were so lucky, we drove all the way across America and back one summer and we didn't have
one chucking incident. So lucky!

Gary Coleman, I am.
I.C.C.C. #1035
 Gettysburg Camping Trip, June 9-14, 2020, at Artillery Ridge Campground.
LakeGeorge wrote:
LL Bean stole my idea and sells LED string lights (for camping) now. Of course, theirs are $20, mine were $4.44 at WalMart.

thanks to this thread I snagged two sets at Dollar General a few days ago.

all I have that hasn't had something similar mentioned is for summer time.

when we would go to a summer rifle range or even one day training in the field we would fill our canteens 1/4 to 1/2 full and freeze overnight. then top off in the AM. this would give a cool spot right near your kidneys and as water condensed on the outside, it would evaporate from the carrier and slow the melting.  you have the coolness against your body as well as cool to cold water after lunch. Filling to the top was not advised and it was easy to get expansion and crack the plastic canteen.
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My coleman tent has led lights built in. with a battery pack and even a light switch by the door that has hi, lo and night light modes.  Pretty cool.
Plastic coffee cans are great for storing toilet paper!
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Pack a standard lead acid or lithium jump pack in your trunk if you are car camping, you'll never be left stranded if you find a dead battery and don't have to depend on others to help you.
Tie 10 or so matches together and dip in paraffin wax or role up cardboard and do the same makes a great fire starter
Alternative to Ice for Coolers: Instead of using ice in your cooler, use frozen ice-pops (the tubes of different colored fruity flavored sugar-water). They contain a small amount of edible "anti-freeze" which allows them to stay colder than regular ice. I used them once on a canoe trip, and some of the fresh food in the cooler actually froze slightly.
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Block ice always lasts a lot longer than bagged or crushed ice.  Wash out half gallon paper milk cartons and freeze them.  Just tear the paper away when you're ready to use them and they're the perfect size for the standard cooler.

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>>Wash out half gallon paper milk
Or ice cream containers.
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EZ Up style canopies have become a great comfort and convenience necessity while car camping.

One of the few negative things about them is their lack of sturdiness in inclement weather.
Sort of a conundrum, being that's when we need them most!

To help prevent wind damage to canopies, use dog tie-out, screw in the ground anchors to secure your canopy firmly to the ground.
These anchors are cheap, I even saw them at my local dollar store!

Second tip:
Use recyclable shopping bags as anchors for your canopy. Fill them with sand, dirt, rocks, gravel, etc. Them return those items to the ground when you're done.
These sturdy bags are usually a buck or less at most big stores.

I recommend tying rope to these anchors from each of the top 4 corners of your canopy frame. This adds to the sturdiness.

Strong wind gusts will destroy most canopies and frames. If the wind exceeds 25 mph, just take the fabric canopy off and stow it.
Gary Coleman, I am.
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 Gettysburg Camping Trip, June 9-14, 2020, at Artillery Ridge Campground.

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