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Hey folks. New collector here...  brought home what I think is a 220B, no stamp on the outer face of the fount.  Is this common?  7 3 stamped on the bottom.

Just want to confirm what this is.  Thanks so much! Looking forward to talking with all of you.
Got pictures? If the pump cap screws onto the fount AND it's a plated fount, then yes, a B. There are some other unique features to them, but that's the easiest way to distinguish from a C, which is painted, and a D, which has a stamped pump cap. 

PS- Welcome!

Chautauqua County, New York
Slant Saver [svg] Frank MakerNew York State Route 5 marker

Wanted: GPA dated 5/89 (Red 286?  Black Powerhouse? 508? Early Unleadeds? Canadian things? I'll settle for a propane job at this point) Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls and accessories, Ruby-cased 10in lamp shade, 7D Mag-lite
Welcome from Washington! As Will said, we really need pictures.
looking for 200a 11-56,9-77,2-65 Coleman 275 appreciation syndicate member #0004 ICCC #1262
Coleman Quick Lite Crew #19
Frank appreciation syndicate member #9
Kansas John
Welcome from Kansas!
John M. Lawrence, KS
ICCC #1431

Looking for a 214 kero and REI single burner anniversary stove as well as any Coleman born on date 10/77, 1/80
[welcome], David, from Pennsylvania!
ICCC #1012
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