200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
I don't know who to thank for this tip, as I came upon it with some deep reading prepping for my first nickel project.  I don't think I would have used this technique without the advice of this forum, so a big Thanks!!  I really didn't know what to expect working over one of these lanterns.  It didn't photograph well but the 51-1 date stamp shows up very well IRL.  It is a little rough around the edges but glad to have a nickel USA and have it up and running.   
EDIT:  I just used the CLR on the steel bottom for the rust.

200 R&N 1:1951 B&A Bottom small.png 

200 R&N 1:1951 B&A small.png
Super tip.  the bottom, especially looks great.  How wet was the sand?  How much CLR?  Inquiring minds want to know.
- Courtenay
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I inverted the fount and pored 100% CLR up to the rim and let soak for about 3 hours.  Pored the CLR into a glass container and dipped 400/600 wet/dry sand paper into the CLR and had at it keeping it all wet with CLR and rinsing with water to clear off the mess.  When the bottom was fairly clean switched to 1000 grit and finished it off.  Final polish with Mother's to remove any flash rust.  
Thanks for posting the technique you used, great result. I have a candidate for that treatment. 

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Excellent results!  I've used CLR and 0000 steel wool on a Nulite steel fount with some rust coming through the plating.  Pretty good success.
That turned out really nice.
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