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I picked up a new unfired Wenzel 1887 today at a storage auction. The fuel cap gasket, pup leather and rapid heater rubbers are cracked and hard. Anything else that may need replacing? Where can I get parts? I think it's a Petromax clone.
Yes, the Wenzel is a Petromax clone.  The quality is such that Wenzel doesn't even acknowledge ever having anything to do with it. 

I know nothing of the quality of their parts, but BriteLyt.com may have the parts you need.  You can also check stpaulmercantile.com.   I haven't bought from BriteLyt, but have dealt with St. Paul and was pleased. 

If you do manage to get the Wenzel to light, treasure the moment.   If there was ever an inanimate object that could evoke negative emotions, the Wenzel is it.  I have two, an unfired one that will stay that way, and a user that I retired because I couldn't deal with it any more.  It would light, on rare occasions.

Unless you have some burning desire to get it going, I suggest you consider displaying it.  It's very attractive now, but once you light it, the vent will discolor from the heat.


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I’ve ordered from BriteLyt before to get my Aida running. Sold the Aida so no more Petromax style lanterns here. 
Looking for B-Day lantern 9/83, 7/85

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