200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

The weekend has been pretty good. Picked up a couple lanterns, clamshell case and some accessories.  I'm extremely happy with the 202. I already had an 8/54 and now the 10/63. I'm curious of the address on the 202 box. I'm guessing this lantern was sold at the Naval Station store in Charleston, S.C. and not actually used for military service? Any information would be appreciated.
The 220F, yellow case, and accessories was something I really didn't need, but y'all know how it is when it's setting on the yard sale table at a bargain price....ya just hate to leave it. The lantern has been fired, but perhaps only once. The lantern is in mint shape, the font is spotless on the inside with no odor of fuel, but had A LOT of soot on the vent. Perhaps the PO fired it up, got some flare up, didn't like it, and decided to drain the fuel, and put it back in the box? It's a 7/70 so looks pretty good for 50 yrs old. Some thing that caught my attention is the lantern doesn't have a decal. Is this something that is common with this model, or maybe this one slipped through at quitting time?
Here's a few pictures. Thanks for looking.
Clyde L. Cross
You done good!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Nice lanterns, it is strange that the mint 220f is missing the decal...
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Hot Dog , what finds!
The 202 is sweeet.
And no, the 220F couldn't be left behind like that.
Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
That deserves a ðŸ‘.

The Navy Exchange would mean sold through them to anyone with exchange rights.  Could have been active duty(any service) or civilians or dependents.  Cool lantern. 
I wouldn't have left behind that 220F either. That thing is in great shape.
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Thanks for the comments folks. I paid up for the 202, but really wanted it for my small collection, and it sure is sweet. My wife and I full time RV, so I have to be selective on my lantern buying. We are originally from southern Illinois and return there each year to visit family. (and drop off my lantern purchases for the year)😀 I figure now that I've got an empty clamshell case, I can be on the lookout for that elusive 228B, and it won't take up any extra room!!
Clyde L. Cross
That's a really nice 202. It's also the only date that has a low vent. The 220 is really nice also. I would've given them both a home as well.
steve p
Wow, that 202 is such a sweet find! Congrats.

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Wow, those are both beautiful! 
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