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Just thinking: looking at all the reported item purchases made by us forum members, very few actually said they "bought" a GPA.
Usually it's "grabbed", "found", "snagged", "picked up", "stole", "came home with me", etc.
Any thoughts?  
LOL!  "Bought" sounds like an admission of defeat,  Whereas
"grabbed", "found", "snagged", "picked up", "stole", "came home with me", etc.
sound more like a win, no? 
Admission: I bought a lotta stuff.

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Perhaps “bought” is to bland of a word for this hobby/addiction. Bought doesn’t have the sparkle power like it used to I’d guess. Maybe bought only applies for any object bought at list price? 
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It’s a treasure ...... you win, find, pickup, steal, grab treasures, with a gleeful urgency just in case someone else gets it before you.  For me, It’s a big part of the the fun of this hobby, the find, the score the winning of that treasure.
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That's a great observation, Bill.
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I used the word "snagged" in a recent topic. I was thinking with all the things that I could have bought that it was a bit like fishing , you don't know what you are about to catch.

I said bought!!!! What do I win!!!!!!!

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I "buy" groceries, I discover treasured GPA!  Buy is just to mundane a word when you find something you spent so much time looking for.
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austin65uri wrote:
"grabbed", "found", "snagged", "picked up", "stole", "came home with me", etc. 

These words would be a good addition to the “Forum lingo” thread,  meaning “to buy”.  These words are either being used as lingo, or possibly to deflect from the money being spent, by not addressing it directly.
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"Bought" just sounds like something you do a Walmart. We are on hunts.
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If I were walking into a store and picking GPAs from a selection on the shelf at the stated prices, I'd feel like I "bought" them. But I'm hunting in the wild and haggling over price (mostly), so for me it's a "score" at least.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Hmmm ! I hardly buy snag steal obtain stuff it’s mostly free. Sometimes I even FREE items from there dreaded place of existence   

"Honestly wifey..... it was given to me be a follow collector who had one too many and likes to share the passion and spread the love.... I just had to contribute to shipping...."

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Shock factor.  I picked up a Christmas 200 at a garage sale for $8. It had a bunch of silkies taped to it.  Thought it was just a 200a, when that green font popped up I about died. I stood there frozen in time just staring.  We know what it is, and what it is worth to us.  That sets us apart from the world.  That is why sooner or later you will have "The Arc Dream".  lol  I am surprised someone has not started The Arc Dream Thread.  
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+1  on what Andrew said.  lol
like in an auction , did you actually WIN the item :-) no , you paid dearly LOL
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I alway “acquire” my gpa’s. 
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Interesting observation Bill.  I think I would use the term bought when purchased at a retail outlet, such as the 285's I 'bought' on clearance at Walmart, first at $25 and later when they were down to $15, then there was the propane Northstar for $11 when they were on clearance.  Being propane, I'm still not sure why I got that Northstar.  🙂


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I prefer to rescue.  It makes the resuscitation more gratifying.  I fixed an old lawn mower I bought.  I'd love to see the training that goes into helping those GPAs that follow you home, Quick Cal.
When I go to the store I go "buying" (not shopping - that's reserved for fun stuff like speed shops and sporting goods stores..)

I'm a hunter,  only the game animal hunting season is very short,  so I'm always on the hunt... That $$ changes hands (sometimes) is always part of the deal (haggling...  as Timm said)

Buying is boring.
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remember, we have all bought into this addiction.
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