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Fill one with dry sand soaked with used crankcase oil and stuck your shovels and garden tools in it to keep them clean and rust-free.
JAYoung ... in beautiful Butte, Montana
Mike DeHart
Here is a pic of the bike with Tidy Cats bucket panniers.
The buckets were painted.  We didn't need to advertize for cats.  They are waterproof and pretty solid.  The missus' bike carried the food for the week.  Meals were planned for one-pot cooking on a Peak-1 stove.  

The 16 YO girl carried 2 canvas packs, Korean war era, and rolled up ground pads.  One pack had clothing and such for one tent, the other the same for the other.  The 13 YO girl carried a pair of Cabelas plasitic waterproof cases.  These has fragile things like maps, guidebook, cell phone, fire making bits, first aid, stuff like that.  She also carried the tire pump and patch kit.  The 6 YO boy carried a small nylon pack with his clothes and our bug spray and sunscreen.  I had th echore of pulling the "chuckwagon" made from a 2-kid bike trailer, modified a bit for the trip.  I pulled the tents, Peak-1 stove & lantern, cook pot set, wash basin, spare parts for bikes, sleeping bags, and stuff like that.  This was the beginning in Washington DC.

This is 60 miles and 4 days later, in Harpers Ferry WV.  We made it.  And we were all pretty tired.
IMG_2145.jpg  The 6 YO boy went to first grade and wrote his "what I did this summer" paper.  When he read it to the class they all told him he was lying, that it was impossible to ride a bike 60 miles.  He assured them that it is possible, that he did do it, and that he carried his gear for a week's camping as well.

Amost forgot:  Home along the trail.  Potomac swimmimng every afternoon.  NO rain, believe it or not.
Mike, that was a great bonding trip that your family will cherish forever! Nice job, Dad!
Gary Coleman, I am.
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