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Good morning fellow coleman nuts well I come here to update everyone on Tammys condition and my family's current situation  I'll start with Tammy she spent 2 weeks in the hospital cause she could not eat or drink and after 2 years of fighting with the docs they placed a feeding tube in her nose and will have a permanent one placed in  a couple weeks she's doing exponentially better an has actually gained 12 lbs and if this keeps up she may be able to get well enough for the surgery for her thoratic outlet syndrome .  Now on to our current situation we fell behind on our home back in 2015 and tried to work with wells Fargo but they told us they were going to help us but as we we're working with them they foreclosed and  I had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy to save the house just last March I was dismissed due to none payment because the trustee lost 4 payments totaling over 4000 dollars of which I lost because the trustee only excepted money orders or certified check well I used the first one as I did not have a bank account to use certified checks so we filed chapter 13 in Tammys name and we just had to let it dismiss because the lawyer would not fight the constant payment adjustments because of her medical bills it became way too much as just the 13 payment was going to be atleast 1300 a month plus the mortgage so after paying a lawyer that robed me the  first time causing me to hire a second one who did the bankruptcy for me and then Tammy 6000 between them we were no better then 2015 so we called the current mortgage co and the were willing to help till yesterday when they informed us that they changed there minds and we are now screwed so now we have to walk away from the house we've owned for 17 years the only place our kids know as home.  We did find a place to rent but we need money we don't have for at least 6 weeks and the people aren't willing to wait which we understand our credit is shot because of the foreclosure and bankruptcy so most places won t rent to us so in the coming weeks I may have to sell of my collection off to raise funds to get a new place.  I'm so tired of busting my hump daily to just constantly get kicked in the nuts but I keep getting back up and asking if I can have another but it's getting real hard to get back up after this nut shot!  Have a great day everyone and thanks for listening
Kansas John
Very sorry to read about the house situation Phil.  But, cautiously optimistic about Tammy’s outlook.  We were able to steal a few extra good years with my mom thanks to a feeding tube.
John M. Lawrence, KS
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Kansas John wrote:
Very sorry to read about the house situation Phil.  But, cautiously optimistic about Tammy’s outlook.  We were able to steal a few extra good years with my mom thanks to a feeding tube.
  I'm not getting my hopes up.too much with her because the permant one is the hurdle I'm really worried about due to the possibility of major surgery if it came be done laparoscopicly and the risk of infection afterwards but one can only hope that it will go rite 
I don't know what to say about the house situation other than I'm sorry to hear it.  But regarding a feeding tube, my mother-in-law had one for several years.  She got around quite well with it.  I don't know of any infection problems she had.  She was even able to travel.  She died of cancer over 15 years ago.  The cancer had nothing to do with the feeding tube.  
Sorry to hear of all the difficulties and troubles.  My Neice had a Feeding tube for 17 years before they found a good solution and she had some Surgery and all is much better now for Over 5 years.   Prayers for Tammy and your situation. 
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New to the forum but still hate to hear this for you. Will be saying a prayer for you and your family. Hope everything gets better for you and your family.
Jeremy Mitchell

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thats a rough situation Phil  . but sure glad Tammy is doing better ....you guys are in my thoughts n prayers !!!
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Thanks guys we found another house just around the corner that just came up and Tammys  going to go talk to her in a few while I'm at work it sounds like she may work with us too.
I'm sorry to hear that.  I suffered with gastroparesis for a couple of years and lost 50 lbs.  I have gotten better and gained most of it back.  The bad thing Is that the doctors don't know what caused it.  I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   I will keep you in my prayers.
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Phil, I'm glad to hear Tammy is doing better; great that she's gained some weight.  The other troubles, however, I am sad to know of, buddy.  I will have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, and I am inspired by your dedication to keep on keeping on.
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I am sorry to hear of all the difficulties you and you family have been facing. We will remember to pray for you guy’s. And we will keep cheering you onwards. Hopefully getting the house payment off your back can ease some stress and possibly be a blessing in the long run. But I am sure it is a nasty blow for now. Again so sorry to hear all this. Prayers sent your way
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Hi Phil;
I'm sure glad to hear Tammy is making some progress!  None the less, very sorry to hear of all the associated troubles for your family and home.  Best I can do is pray for your family, and I have the best thoughts for Tammy, you, and your family.
God Bless.
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I'm glad to read of the progress with Tammy, but so sorry to read of all the stresses you've been having to deal with.   You are certainly an incredibly strong individual working through all that you have been.  Prayers for you and your family.


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You have an amazing chance with some extra time with your wife. I would of happily sold off all my belongings to have another 6 good months with my wife. She had a feeding tube but due to the cancer in her brain she did odd things like pulling the feeding tube out of her nose and trying to eat her rings. So consider yourself blessed. 

It does suck how people have jerked you around with the house. Hope your living situation works out well. You might be able to work with the hospital to get some help with a stable place to live. 
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Phil. Really sorry to hear of your trials and difficulties. Super glad to hear of Tammies health improvements. I don’t know where you are but you can be assured that prayers will be sent up for you and your family. Take care and keep us updated on any changes. 
Dave                                                       BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #1957
Phil, I am sorry to hear of all the difficult time you and your family are experiencing but it is good news that Tammy is doing better and has gained some weight.  I’ll pray for you, the family and that you get the house situation straightened out real soon.

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