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I just purchased a green metal high stand that is a little different from what I have seen before. The seller said it originally came with a Canadian 5A or 5B stove so must assume the stand is Canadian also.  Sadly, he had already sold the stove before I got to see it, but what he described had two buttons in the front that released straps that folded down under the stove.


Stand stops.jpg 

What is different on the stand is the top bars that control the for-to-aft distance have a series of notches cut in the lower side so the depth can be set at 5 or 6 different settings and it has a slight "L" shape on the upper edge.  On the back end of these bars are two short bars that flip up to act as backstops.  My American stands have no notches and the bar is flat with no "L" shape.  The backstops are longer separate bars that attach below to each of the back legs and slides into a notch at the back end of the top bar.

Assembly is also a little different - the American stands look to have been painted after assembly, while on the Canadian version the parts seem to have been painted before assembly and the attachment studs are shiny.

So my questions are as follows:

1. Does anyone know what other products were made that the notches helped fit to the stand?

2. Are these stand common?

Thanks for your patience reading this, I hope it makes sense!


Not sure Don except that I don't believe those stands are 'common'. Bump -
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Pictures added.
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