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Hi all, very new to the forum. I purchased a 426D that was never used. Learning how to date and finding some info on these and I’ve run into an issue. The tank has one tab with 272 and the other tab is 372... Everything is clean. Never used. Is the tab a mixup, maybe made the last day of the month and they only had one tab from February left? Please let me know your thoughts.  A3B688FC-559C-4DC9-A929-ACB0257308F6.jpeg  3BC36E2A-8665-4D18-82BB-1FCD973ED25A.jpeg  324BE20B-70B9-4961-AD8B-633D24E54C26.jpeg  F5C1D76F-20BF-42E4-A64C-8B2D4C5F0D3E.jpeg  1C7F79EF-721F-49C7-9263-75BB2E8BE97C.jpeg  EC8A4F1C-F81F-4A38-9F13-87517D57F7AC.jpeg
Someone here will know the answer but that is really nice three burner stove. Also, welcome to the forum from your southern neighbor.  
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My first thought is very cool! And Coleman never wasted anything, so probably an odd number of tabs made in February.
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Left over I'd think.  Many makers did this.  Really confusing with the Euro brassies.
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Brackets were made in batches and dated when made. Then tossed into bins where workers would pull them out and weld them to the tanks. I've seen this several times.

If there's a date stamped in the bottom of the case, fair chance it's different, too.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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I have a 425 with mismatched dates too.  
By 2/72 there should be a date on the bottom of the stove, although that can be off by another couple of months too. 
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[welcome], Luke, from Pennsylvania! Interesting stove tabs on a very nice stove you have there.
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Hello and welcome to the CCF from The Old North state, Luke.  Great to have you here,  That's a super nice stove.  Definitely looks unfired.  That's a cool anomaly on the fuel tank tabs. 
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Welcome to the forum from north Jersey.

A never fired 48 year old 426D, Wow!  That's really sweet.  Personally, I think I'd make room for that as a display piece and find another one as a user. 


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Nice stove, Luke and welcome from Colorado!  I personally would have a hard time putting a match to that one. I know, they were meant to be used, but it still is a beautiful example of a bygone era.  Ok, I’m getting a bit sappy here...your stove, fire away!
I think that is the general consensus! Thanks for the vote. 
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That's a beauty.
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