200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

SV Falcon

I have a 5/62 200A Burg that revealed pin holes due to rust around the filler neck. It has sentimental value with a reserved front row spot on the shelf .  Came across a 5/62 burg fount from the “Bay” a few weeks ago, couldn’t pass it up . Added a 200A Canadian valve , 242B burner frame , AGM 3016 vent .  This Frankenburg will make the trip to Northern Wisconsin hunting camp this fall and provide many years of lighting up the north woods .  Hope you are all staying safe and occupied . 

109CFDA2-7428-448E-81E9-A39E44CEF2CB.jpeg  2F058F33-C516-4A24-8E00-82493242F8F3.jpeg  A26DDFAE-A80E-484D-8F25-FFAE6016E9EB.jpeg  238DA8A1-B3F1-4FBB-8C36-93729985E0A7.jpeg 

Nice! I really like the burgundy. A very nice set you have there. A nice addition to your hunting camp. 
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
Milspec Syndicate member #1020 
Looks like a good runner to me! Why did you not use the new fount on the pinholed one? Nice lanterns👍
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Nice looking Frank. The vent matches the fount perfectly!
Vance     ICCC #1538
Coleman Blues #151
Coleman Quick Lite Crew #14
25 502s
Nice pair!  I love burgs. On the Frankie vent did you have to enlarge the stud hole on the AGM vent?  I have a perfect black kamplite vent that I want to make a franken with but don’t want to mess up the enamel by enlarging the hole. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate #0214
Coleman Slant Saver #56
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SV Falcon

Ken , Vance -thank you for the nice reply .

Toby - the burg with pin-holed fount has sentimental value. I want to keep that lantern with original parts. I enjoy looking at it when I walk by the shelf.

Jason - I used a Dremel tool with a stone abrasive to enlarge the hole of the AGM 3016 vent to fit around the 242 vent stud  

Thank you , Dave 



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