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Late Tuesday afternoon FireStarter (Linda) phones me and said she'd stop over after work for a bite to eat and we'd go for a walk after. 

YIKES!  What to make to eat??? 

Quickly jumped on coming up with something fast and easy to make. Figured the honey sweetened cilantro/jalapeno cornbread and some of my dehydrated chili would stick to the ribs. Why would I dehydrate chili you ask? Why wouldn't I??  lol 

Tried this dehydrated chili recipe a few years back and was very pleased with it. Actually we hike a lot and we were getting tired of those bought prepacked meals. Usually so bland and they ain't cheap anymore. Works real well as an excellent light meal  for backpacking, Current batch is probably a year and half old. I portion it out to make a two person meal then vacuum pack it and put it in the freezer for extra long storage. 


I've made this cornbread many times. It is so quick and easy to make even a man can do it!  🙂 
I swap out the sugar they use and add about a quarter cup of honey for sweetening. I like honey better than sugar and also add some chopped cilantro. Other then that pretty much follow the recipe. 


Got the cornbread ready to go. Used 4 small tin foil pans. Once I start into a loaf it's hard to stop me so smaller loaves usually mean I eat less. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.  lol  

Fired up the Coleman cabin stove and started to get the oven up to BAKE temperature. 


Cornbread going in...


Coming along nicely...usually about 20-25 minutes. 


Dehydrated chili.


Decided on using  a nice small NORMA alcohol burner stove. This stove was gifted to me by a Viking friend of mine. (Harder)  You ROCK dude!!!  🙂
This thing is a little beast that has excellent simmer control. Simmers right down and I figured that would be perfect for reconstituting the chili. 

Firing the NORMA up. Just open the valve and use the alcohol in the tank as the preheat fuel. 


Settles down right quick. Don't let it's small size fool you. This stove is a serious cooker. Just add some water to the chili and....


Within minutes had the chili simmering away. 


Planted some cherry tomatoes this year and am literally getting buried in them so figured I'd fire a few into the chili. I'm definitely no Chef Boyardee but haven't ever had too many complaints with my cooking so figured it would be a good way to get rid of some of those tomatoes. It was all cool then they all decided to ripen at once. lol

I.jpg  J.jpg 

I think they'll work okay in the chili. 


Cornbread out. Looking pretty good!  🙂

L.jpg   M.jpg  N.jpg 

Another happy customer and she even said it was a good idea to use some of the tomatoes in the chili. Apparently I really am a genius!   lol  🙂



It all looks good to me!
I'll be giving those recipes a try! The cornbread sound much like the way my father used to make it, with jalapenos and some whole-kernel cut corn.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Looking good Alex!

Here Comes Sunshine
My name is Dave, and I'm in Rhode Island.
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I want that alkie stove!  Great meal!


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― Albert Einstein

Alexx for the win. Well done. Love the table too, E.
The year 2259, the place Babylon 5
The way to a Firestarter's heart is through her stomach.  Well done, Alex and thanks for the pics.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Looks tasty, Alex.  Cooking/BBQing is another hobby of mine. Once again, I envious of that oven.
ICCC #1772
Looks great HV - didn’t know you had these  cooking skills. Could almost smell that cornbread coming out that fine old oven!
(good to see that rare old alco-stove put to good use - they are easy going and often underestimated as a heatsource for cooking. )
Best wishes
fuel brained
Dang, Dinner tomorrow night. Thankxx for the idea. Jeff
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