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Hey there, I'm trying to get a 424 working, that we haven't used for several years. 

I suspect I need to change the pump...but to start I'm embarrassed to say I can't manage to get it out. It's the black plastic cap, and I assume it's just supposed to twist and release. I've tried pliers, wedging with a screwdriver, and even asking my neighbor to help me (to get some extra hands in there). Somehow it's not budging. 

It's quite possible the problem is me. If you think there's something I'm missing, please let me know. Otherwise...any experience with these sticking? Suggestions? 

(I'm finding lots of posts and videos about how to use a screwdriver to remove the old metal pin style...but nothing so far about people struggling to remove this kind.)

OK, with a grip tool I finally got the pump out. Nothing looks particularly worn about it. I just lubed it and tried again. 

1. Released all pressure inside (took off cap). Then screwed cap back on and tried to pump.
2. Tried to pump. It goes in & out smoothly if I don't cover the air hole, but as soon as I cover that I get a ton of resistance (as though it was thoroughly pressurized...but I know it's not yet).

Note: The pump head only twists at most a quarter circle. Is that normal?

Any suggestions about next steps much appreciated!

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