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Interesting, amusing, and informative.  (Click on the thumbnail pic).
My son and I enjoyed that thanks Bill.

Very good simple illustration of the changing dynamics for him.

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Interesting, for sure.  For some info on China and their car industry, and Chinese stuff in general, there is a guy on Youtube called serpentza who moved to China from South Africa.  In a few of his vids he discusses the so called major brands in China.  Cars and SUVs that look almost exactly like Fords, Chevys, Buicks, Mercedes and a number of Japanese car rip offs.  He says they are mostly junk, if compared to the original, but the Chinese people don't care because a certain amount of prestige comes with owning something that looks like a Ford Explorer or other makes.  Most of what are sold there are little death traps like the Cherry.  A 50,000 mile and throw it away tiny car with mostly no safety accessories.

The guy now lives in the USA, having left China because he was beginning to fear "The Party".
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Had some customers who regularly visit China. They mentioned it’s a status symbol to drive a Buick!
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That was fascinating!  They listed countries making cars that I never knew even MADE cars!

The end was not surprising however, as they have a basically captive market.  Only the very rich can afford an import of any description...
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