200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

One of my favorite Tonka trucks. I love the 1960's cranes too..campinut..
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
Neat, we never had the money to buy Tonka toys.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
We didn't have many of them, and we didn't have the crane.  We had, actually I should say I still have, the fire truck with the working nozzle (hook up the little hydrant that came with it to the garden hose for summertime, wet fun) and the car carrier.  We had a few Nylint trucks and vehicles, like the hook and ladder.  Still have that one, too.
DougA  ... fettler and keeper of a family collection of nickel: a 249, a pair of 237s, and a 1938 228B, along with a late 1979 red 200a.  Then two more turned up, a 1941 243A and a 1944 242C, and now there's a b-day 200A lantern, too!.
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Those were so cool! My parents could not afford cool toys like that. However I was truly blessed because my grandfather was a scrap dealer! I had quite a few that he rescued and him and my dad would take 2 or 3 and make one for me. When I was done they got passed on to other kids. Wish I still had a couple of those now.
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That was satisfying....
Mel Taylor
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Thanks - watching that was time well spent!
Mike, ICCC member #1156, Slant Saver Group #011, 275 Appreciation Syndicate #0215, FAS #20 - Confusing Future Generations of Collectors One Lantern at a Time
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Buddy L made some nice steel toys also.  I was envious of the neighbor kid with the genuine John Deere toys.  You could only buy them at a JD dealership
Mark __________________________________________
That turned out great! I love watching his videos. I have bought up a few similar 60s & 70s pieces to restore myself. I have a sandblaster, but I use electrolysis mostly for rust removal. I have an Eastwood powder coating gun that I have not used yet. I need to find one of those C-clamp rivet setting tools like he used in that video. I also would like to find some older trucks, more 30s & 40s style stuff to restore . It's great that decals and replacement parts are available, even for the smaller Matchbox and Hotwheels vehicles.
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Very Cool Nice work, Where did you source the plastic parts like the cab windows and wheel?? 
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I liked that very much 
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Hey Bob, looks like he has a vacuum mold machine as per the last video. Makes his own plastic parts that can't be saved. I have a few Tonka's myself..campinut..
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
This guys videos are really cool. 
Richard (KC native and KU Alumni living in Maryland)
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Wow. That really turned out great. Thanks for sharing your video. I still have mine. Plus 3 pieces of Structo. 
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