200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I took 3 days vacation for the Ohio gathering/ campout which was then "officially" cancelled. Decided to run up to Amish country and check out a stove shop which used to be a Coleman repair shop. I walked in and saw the AQ lamp right away. Mentioned I collect lanterns also and he said he had a bunch in the back room. Now I really like lamps and there was a high lamp to lantern ratio. I looked at the price tags and most were 10$ or less. I start saying I'll take this and that and he says I'll make you a package deal on them.  Payed 5$ each for 9 lamps and the 237. Got the 8/51 Xmas for 25 , the 635B the AQ lamp. Got a box of Peerless mantles from the Philippines. Traded 2 generic lamp shades for the NOS hollow wire tank. Left there and went to the thrift store down the street. Found the Amish franky tank tall lamp for $5.50. Found the Ford hat at a yard sale for 25¢ . Lancaster lantern burner for 2$ at another thrift shop. And found the 129 lamp at an antique mall which was the only piece that wasn't a great deal. 
  Whew. I'm beat. The 635B fired right up with the fuel and mantles it came with. 
  Time for bed. 

David A Jewell II
You did good!
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Good pickins! ðŸ‘
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Love the hat.

Is 500 stove a Canadian one? From what I see it looks to be.
Shane Looking for the following Canadian birthday lanterns or lamps: 2-32, 6-34,
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The 500 stove is Canadian. It's dated from 1971 I believe. Didn't realize they made them that recently. 
David A Jewell II
NNIICCEE!  the 635B is a bit of a rare beastie!
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Update on the 635 B. Closed the valve completely and if pulsed but kept on running. Closed the pricker and it almost went out but not completely. I guess that's why it was in the repair shop! Refuses to quit!! Lol.
David A Jewell II
Good thing you had a truck!
Those are great finds! I really want to see more about the tall lamp, looks like it uses a refrigerant/ helium tank.

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will be heading to my folks this coming weekend for our vacation. They live close to Amish country in Hillsboro. Where was this at?  Did you leave anything behind? Lol

Joseph Durham

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Looking for bday lantern 10/84

Very nice haul, Dave, it doesn't appear you left anything for poor Joseph! ^^^^^^^^^^
Great bunch of stuff, though...
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logoballistol logo 1a.png

I got to see some of the loot in person!  
Mark __________________________________________
That was a worthy trip for sure. Might need to get a tall vent on the Xmas.
Bob    ICCC #1574
Never, ever, leave behind a $5 lamp
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I have a tall vent that will be more correct. Joseph I was mainly in Mt. Hope and Berlin Ohio near the sight for next year's Convention.
David A Jewell II
Well Dave I hope you feel sufficiently guilty with that haul!! 

Ah, they wanted to move some items - you got a deal, everybody is happy. 
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That looks like a sweet haul to me. I just picked up another 635b721 Leacock lantern yesterday also. That makes 8 of them that I've had so far. 
I've only had 1/2 that many 635B. All were Amish grade working lanterns. No unfired shelf queens here.
David A Jewell II
Most of mine had been rode hard as well. Out of the 8, I think that only 2 were in nice shape. They're great runners though. Have all of yours been dated 1-96 like all of mine have?

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