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This is a birthday lantern for the family of a cousin i lost last year.  If you're in central California you might have heard about the 66 year old man who disappeared at Bear Mountain in March, 2018  and was recovered in May. 

Anyway, I found the lantern- July 1952, and it's pretty rough. The restoration will be over the top, polishing parts that are not normally polished.   

So, among the family of lanterns that have a lot of parts in common- 220-B-C-D-E, which parts might lend themselves to making an exceptionally pretty 228E ?

Which ones had more brass, better coating on the collar  etc? 

Any tips for making the burner frame shiny?   




If "July 1952" is your focus I'd make everything an E. I would just look for pristine or at least only slightly used parts to put on it. IMO, the vent, frames, and fount are the most noticeable so would be my focus.

I've fettled and repainted E's and I won't even give you the rattle can paint I used because for this project I'd just take the vent to a place that does computer paint matches. That's the best you can do unless you have an NIB or NF (never fired). 
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I’d look for parts from a 60/61 E. If they are in good condition, the frame and collar have a nice coating that polishes up really well. The brass burner assembly usually comes out great too. 
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I'll probably powder coat it. I found a pretty good match.   Authenticity is less important than having it really pretty.   Timm nailed what I'm looking for. i had a feeling the later Es had a better coating but i wasn't sure. 





Will you do the powdercoat yourself? 

Yes, I've had pretty good success with a cheap kit and a toaster oven. 
Hertfordnc: I moved from CA 8/18, yes I heard and read of the unfortunate loss. I am sorry...
I just bought a $4 228E that appears in great shape so far, but impotent in being very bright. I herave done much to clean, etc. I found a little cup-like screen in the generator and am wondering how to re-insert it into the generator, as I spaced-out in seeing how it came out.
Should I do a "Nevada Bob" wrap of speaker wire around the Gen pricker, or try to another little cardboard tube for replacement? 
I am happy to share any info I discover to also help you  restore such a nice lantern dared 2/62!
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Jeff, I wouldn't even try to reinsert that screen. Just toss it. It creates more problems than it solves. I also agree on being independent of the system as it is now. 
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