200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Predicting 5 to 8 inches of snow tonight and a refreshing 45 mph breeze.
If the snow comes and the wind doesn't it will sure break a lot of trees.
They seem pretty confident in the forecast.  We will soon see. My storm glass is not showing that much yet?
Everyone likes the dog catcher...until they catch your dog.
Oh wow, glad to see other places are having a break from hot weather while here in CA we are having a kiln temperatures, yesterday we got 109 degrees and for today looks like is going to be hotter. 
👀 for BD lantern  7/85, 10/04, 5/11, 2/19
BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #101
“Solo sé que no sé nada”
Leviticus Tomethreus
Lucky, I’d rather be freezing to death than die of heat stroke.
My friends don’t call me “Lantern/lampie Levi”
for nothin’,if they did call me that.

Looking for bday lanterns 8/38, 8/41, 
10/25, and 8/07

The biggest lie I tell myself is
”I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”
Per the weather report last night, folks in/around Colorado can expect a couple feet of snow higher up and single digit temps?  Blood doesn't have time to change over from thin to thick!
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
From the 90s to the 20s in a couple days. Here in  wyoming we get to enjoy this before it gets to Colorado.  Not unusual and should get nice I a few days.
Everyone likes the dog catcher...until they catch your dog.

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