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Hello all...I have a beautiful Red Tilley Lamp that one of our armed forces members was kind of to send over from England. Got it to light, but I could tell something was off with it and in the process of getting it apart to clean the vaporizer, I learned that the long pricker wire was damaged. I didn't want to just go on the forum classified to see if any one had one just yet. I was trying to see if I could just get one online. However I hit kind of a dead end. Anyone here have any ideas or websites I could use that maybe one of ya'll would have experience with? I would not mind if I have to get it shipped from overseas as well. US would be better, but need some help. Right now its the only shelf queen I have.  Thanks as always!


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Why wouldn't you want to use the classifieds? I probably have one

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No cheap but will last quite a while. Tilley vaporizers (generators) are not serviceable like Coleman generators. They essentially have a wall inside with a hole just big enough for the pricker rod to pass through. Do a search on Classic Pressure Lamps (sister site to Classic Camp Stoves) and you'll find plent of discussions about Tilley vaporizers. When you see a cut-away you'll understand why replacement is the best option. New vaporizers come with needle and spring.
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