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Got this X246 a few months ago and just getting around to cleaning it up.  As usual, the fount pressure indicator pin is frozen up...


I seem to remember, a long time ago, reading a thread where someone had used something like toilet bowl cleaner to free this thing up.  I was thinking of trying Kroil or PB Blaster first.  Anyone have some good experience fixing this?  If so, what'd you use?

I was under the impression that pin would not move unless fount is over pressured, like a pop off valve.

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Legs wrote:
I was under the impression that pin would not move unless fount is over pressured, like a pop off valve.

Don, you could be right...I'd always thought it was to indicate that the fount was fully pressured but maybe I'm wrong...??

Anyone else have insight on this?

Mister Wilson
When the pin is flush with the top, you have the proper amount of pressure.
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+1 ^ with what John said. I have four Tilley's with the pressure pin. One was not moving and I put a few drops of penetrating oil in the hole and let it sit over night. That did the trick for me. Works great now. It takes a lot of pumps with a Tilley before you get the right pressure. More so than Coleman I have found.

OK, thanks everyone.  I'm going to try penetrating oil and see if that does the trick.

Tony Press
The Tilley instructions say to pump 100 strokes for full pressure (DO NOT DO THIS WITH AN X246B!).

The nipple should reach the top of the collar with 100 pumps on a full tank (full being an inch below the filler hole).

Sometimes it may protrude too far: then just file it off.

Note. Light the Tilley X246 at 20 pumps; wait a minute and pump to 100.


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