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Been slowly working through my backlog of lanterns needing to be cleaned and fettled.
Here are three little Aussie lanterns I've just finished. An Austramax 3/300, Oz Colemans 249 and 242B.
Pretty straightforward. Some needed parts like the Austramax pointed  tip cleaner wheel and fuel cap air release screw, which were missing. Renewed some valve packing, changed the fuel cap washers, and NRV pips. Tested all for leaks, and air flow through the generators. 

Here are some before pictures.

P3092725 (2).jpg  rsz_p3092731_2.jpg   Here they are the after being cleaned and fettled.

rsz_img_1188 (1).jpg 

If you have a late model Austramax, with the rectangular bail  like on this one that will not fold down, as it gets obstructed by the vent, don't be too hasty to swap it out as it is most likely the way it came from the factory, and is original.
Early on after Austramax changed the bail from the Coleman 242 type of bail, the bail was badly designed and would not clear the vent, as shown in the pic below, but they sent them out like that anyway. However, they soon changed them to a similar rectangular shaped bail which did clear the vent very soon after. I have another two late Austramax lanterns with that dodgy bail, and have seen a few others. It's original, so just put up with it as is.


IMG_1290 (2).jpg 

Wow. Nice clean up
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turbodon wrote:
Wow. Nice clean up

+1 ... I'll bet you spent considerable time on those, but I'd say it was well worth it.
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i just love all the greenery in the background there Keith !!!! the lanterns are nice too :-)
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Well done they look very good.  Just coz I’m an Aussie, I’m not biased ...
 really 😜
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Excellent work as always Keith, that is an interesting fact about the austramax bail.
No honey its not another lamp,just parts for one I already have. ICCC #1479
Very nice! No horseshoe preheat cup on the Aussie 249....... interesting...

Let it burn....        
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Very nice work cleaning those up, Keith.  Crazy about that bail!
Very nicely done, Keith.  Thanks for the before and afters.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
great jungle pictures.
didn't the first Australian 249's have a horse shoe preheat cup? Those look terrific.
I like the background too. Here it looks like California for hundreds of miles in every direction (except West of course).
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Dmacp wrote:
didn't the first Australian 249's have a horse shoe preheat cup? .

Hi Dan. As far as I know the Australian 249s only ever had the circular brass preheater cup with the offset spigot for attaching it to the generator. The same one Coleman Canada changed to in late 1949. I don't have examples from ever year of the Australian production run but have a good sampling of years from 1950 to late 1960, (the production period for the Aussie ones), and all of mine. have that circular cup.
I do recall when I first discovered the CCF in about 2009 as a lurker, there was a post about the Australian made Coleman 249. It listed some of the differences to the Canadian ones, and I clearly remember the post calling the spirit cup the "Australian horseshoe shaped cup". Unfortunately I don't recall the author's name, and I think they got it wrong, as I have only ever seen that horseshoe cup used on the early Canadian 249s up to 1949 when Canada changed to the brass circular cup.
We can't rule it out though, as it is quite possible that when production commenced in Australia in 1950, Coleman Canada may have supplied some of the parts for the start up Aussie 249 production run. I have come across a couple of early Aussie 249s with seafoam vents. That's very late for seafoam vents in Canada, so I don't know if Coleman Canada supplied those from old stock, of if the original vents simply got swapped out be previous owners.

Thanks everyone for your positive comments on this post.

They all look amazing now that you put your magic touch on them, Keith. I just love the back drop in the pictures too! Beautiful.

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