200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

C11A82C5-5614-472A-96A9-B1DA7B8277F2.jpeg  A1CE6706-E7EF-44A1-99BD-6A87A0643B70.jpeg 
I removed the valve handle and needle from generator assembly to clean needle valve at end As there was some build up that caused fuel to leak.  This was perhaps not a good way to do this.  Now I can’t insert valve handle into block. It seems that the valve stem (spring loaded) in the block is sitting too high to slide into the channel in the brass part of the handle. I assume now I need to remove the block from the tank to temporarily lower the valve stem to get it all put back together.  If I do this, what type of sealant/pipe dope should I use on the threads? The original material looks like lead paste or some such thing.

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