200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Well let's start of with this cool stove, picked this one up in the classifieds off of @StanDahl. Had been wanting a Coleman with this style burner for awhile, so I nabbed this peach.

Spent several hours cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing to get this thing from neglected old stove to clean and sanitary.

IMG_20200724_081306_copy_1370x1028.jpg  IMG_20200724_081252_copy_1209x907.jpg 
IMG_20200724_081153_copy_1008x756.jpg  IMG_20200724_081108_copy_1290x968.jpg 
I kind of like the ratrod look, and she's a good runner. Thanks again John.

Next up we have a Sears 476.74550... Yes I looked up the model number this time. This one I picked up awhile back from the classifieds as well. It was a poor repaint when I received it and after a complete paint strip and repaint it might be a tad better?... Must have been rusty in it's previous life and I did not get them all filled in like I wanted... But it's back together and a runner.

Noticing now, looks like the decal is far enough off I could've worked for Coleman myself... But my two year old was trying to help so I'm lucky it's not on the wall somewhere. Anyhow thanks for looking and have a nice weekend.
Toby Garner
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Your 415 is awesome. I love the burner frame. I like how you kept the patina alive. Thinking of doing the same on a 413E I picked up. That Sears is super nice too 👍🏻. 
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That looks way better than before, I'm glad you like it!
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