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This has nothing to do with anything GPA whatever. In the last two years, I've purchased from different overseas sellers. The give a window when I should expect my purchase. Two have even provided a tracking number. Not long after I  purchase my BIN item this 'This user is no longer registered on eBay' message shows up on my order details. The item NEVER arrives. I file a complaint and have always gotten my money back. I assume ebay found out the seller was no good. Is this a common problem, or am I just finding all the losers?


Happened to me just last week...not sure if I will get my item from China.
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Try sticking with sellers that have at least a few thousand sales and 97% or higher feedback if you aren't already. Sometimes when you pick the lowest price you get what you pay for.
In the past I liked to give the low price and low volume vendors a business shot, but I now look at the positive feedback % and negative feedback given the vendor. The high volume vendors with at 98.5%+ ratings are usually a reasonable bet. You may pay a little more, but have a better chance of getting what you ordered.
happened to me on an a/c vacuum pump but i got my money back.
That happened to me once. But, the nice thing about ebay is, you always get your money back.
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The last two sellers had 100% positive feedback.  No. I really didn't look to see how man buyers gave then that review.


I ordered some lantern parts as BIN a few years ago and a few days after that I ended up in the hospital and didn't make it back home for a month. I received a tracking number, but the order never even made it to the sellers post office. The seller never replied to any of my request so I filed a complaint with eBay, then they told me I hadn't filed it soon enough and the window was closed for them. I then went though the process with PayPal who sent me a refund which took several more weeks
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Just happened to me from a seller in China. I received half my order and I made a complaint. Waiting for their response..campinut.
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Me too and no refund either
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Campinut, any idea why no refund? 


I try to stick to Thailand, "Hong Kong", or S. Korea sellers and of course the high volume, high positive feedback ones. 

There just aren't any guarantees they will ship but yes, with Epay you generally get your money back. 
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Was not quite the same here, but the seller did get de-listed after. I think I got my my refund from the

"eBay Money Back Guarantee, Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Learn more".

And it worked, later I could not find the seller.


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This happened to me with a really nice looking 72 layer forged Damascus chefs knife with a micarta handle. Seller disappeared, and I got my money back, but I would rather have had the knife.
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I won't buy from anyone on eBay that has less than 99.5% positive feedback.  I have also learned (the hard way a few times) to carefully read the entire auction, and look at the person'd actual feedback, not just the number.  I usually only buy from a foreign country if the item is not available in the U.S.  There are always a few that are never satisfied and will give undeserved negative feedback.  But 99.99% of the time, I have had no problems with eBay sellers.  You just have to be as careful as you can.
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>>I won't buy from anyone on eBay that has less than 99.5% positive feedback.

That's a good guideline, but sometimes sellers for the specific item you want won't have feedback that high.  Even with high rated sellers, I too check the negative feedback to see if complaints are valid or folks just complaining because that's what they do. 

The reason I check the negative feedback is because i ran across a seller some years back who figured out how to game the system.  The seller had extremely high feedback, but when I looked, I found that he was giving some kind of plans away, you just needed to provide positive feedback.  He had negative feedback for every single thing he sold.  With so many positives, ebay probably never picked up on this.


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happened to me four times when the posting was removed but not the seller. Never had the seller removed.

only once did the seller have less than a few hundred sales. got money back on second purchase.
First purchase came through without problems (US seller) but third purchase was too late and then had to try paypal for the refund. when they balked I contacted the CC company and they refunded my monies from paypal and then paypal had to chase the fellow down.

just happened again this week. I will give the seller until 3 weeks after the purchase for the parcel to arrive before I request refund process again. they have 400+ sales with mostly positive feedback but no non-delivery complaints. the account is still active though

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