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People are always asking how to determine the date of their Thermos lantern.  So a little info to share:

Model #
Thermos  Sears             Montgomery Ward          Western Auto               Belknap
8311      710.74560        60-9535                       none
8312      710.74561        60-9520&9420               8GC5595                    D-98BG8312
8325      710.74570        60-9536                       none
8326      710.74571        60-9521&9421               8GC5597                    D-98BG8326
Model  year  color  label                    Fuel tank
8311  1961  Blue   Red "Thermos"        2 opening
8311  1962  Blue   Red "Holiday"          2 opening
8312  1963  Blue   Red "Holiday"          1 opening
8312  1964  Blue   Red/Grey "Thermos" 1 opening
8315  1961  Blue   Red "Thermos"        2 opening
8315  1962  Blue   Red "Holiday"          2 opening
8316  1963  Blue   Red "Holiday"          1 opening
8316  1964  Blue   Red/Grey "Thermos" 1 opening
8319  1961  Blue   Red "Thermos"        2 opening
8319  1962  Blue   Red "Holiday"          2 opening
8319  1963  Blue   Red "Holiday"          2 opening
8321  1964  Blue   Red/Grey "Thermos" 1 opening
8325  1961  Blue   Red "Thermos"        2 opening
8325  1962  Blue   Red "Holiday"          2 opening
8326  1963  Blue   Red "Holiday"          1 opening
8326  1964  Blue   Red/Grey "Thermos" 1 opening
Although all Thermos Lanterns produced through 1964 are blue, the
1961/62 fuel tanks were painted a plain blue metallic, while the
1963/64 were painted a blue micohide texture that produces a reverse
hammer pattern.   The 1963 models were equipped with aluminum collars
with a depression for easier lighting and the letter "R" embossed thereon.
The 1964 models have the letter "M" on the collar.  If both "R" and "M"
is embossed on the collar, it indicates that the part was manufactured
in 1963 but assembled to a 1964 model lantern.
1965-1970 (models 8312, 8321, 8326) Tanks were green and the label was RED/SILVER "Thermos" and only 1 hole in tank.

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