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I was finishing a restore job on a 8326 yesterday and did the normal check to make sure fuel/air came it of the valve before I added the generator. Lots of flow. Next step, I replaced the pricker rod from my spare parts since the one that came with the lantern was missing the pricker wire. I added the generator, tightened it down...and... no air flow. Took the pricker out of the generator and airflow was fine.  Long story short version...I finally figured out the pricker wire even in the down position was still blocking the orifice. My solution was to cut off a tiny bit of the pricker wire and then use 1200 sandpaper to get rid of the burr from the cut. Installed it and it works great. And In the up position it still goes all the way through the orifice.

This might also explain the dim mantles on another Thermos that I also had to replace the pricker rod.  Maybe That pricker wire is just a fraction to long... and throttles the flow not enough to stop it but enough to prevent full burn.

Anyone else have this happen? 


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This is an interesting observation. I too recently went through a 8326 model Thermos and although mine appears to be working correctly this is good to know for future projects.
Yes, Thermos gen's aren't as predictable as Coleman's - which also have issues from time to time.

I put a 'new' Thermos Inverted gen (which also fits their 500CP single mantles) on a lantern but as you found out the pricker was too long for this as well. I ended up being able to re-use the original pricker from the Inverted. I kept the 'new' pricker since it fits my Thermos Big Single mantles just fine. 

Part of the learning curve with these I guess.
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