200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

The reason I was gone was because I got a call from the executor of the estate of Richard Wolfenden, better known as Wolfy or the Lantern King.  He passed away about 3 weeks ago.  They wanted me to make an offer for his stuff.  They asked that I not mention his passing until I looked at everything.  They said it was because they did not want people coming around.  So I honored their request.  I could not get good information so the only option was to make a trip to Yucca Valley to see for myself.  I had no idea what he had left.  The last few years he sold the same 20 things on ebay.  I didn't know if he had anything else.  I pulled my trailer and told them I would buy all the parts I could load and make a deal on the rest of the stuff.  So that is what I did. 

They gave me permission to mention his passing now.  He was a good guy and well liked by many here so I know you would want to know he is no longer with us.  He died of natural causes.  It was not the Chinese virus.  I remember going to his house when the convention was held in Yucca.  It was overwhelming.  It found that it still is. 

So now there will be a return trip in my near future.  I filled my truck and trailer to the brim with parts.  I will now go back with a big U haul and bring home the appliances.  He did not have anything rare other than his gold plated 202 that was the 15th million lantern made by Coleman.  It came with paperwork so it is the real thing.  I did buy that and bring it home.  The rest of it is mostly common stuff but the volume is unbelievable.  Hard to describe.  It would take a 30 yard dumpster just to get rid of all the green 2 burner suitcase stoves. 

So tip your hat to the Southwest and remember Wolfy.  He was quite a character and his passing should not go unnoticed.   
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Sad to hear of any members passing unfortunately I’m thinking his time here predated me!
God Speed!
Thank you
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Thanks for the info.  I never knew The King, but appreciate his efforts. 
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yep , your gona need a FEW trailers for all that !!! RIP Wolfy !!! if ya need help loading Mike let me know . im about an hour away and i know where some of the good stuff is :-)
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Sorry to hear of the passing of a member.  It does sound like his legacy will be honored as the parts he saved are used to restore many future projects.
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Thanks for that update, Mike and thanks for investing your hard earned money in that inventory.  It sounds like you will be selling this for years with a long horizon for recovery of your investment.  That's a great service to all of us and the broader market of folks out there who need these parts.

As Chuck said above, these parts will live on in many, many Colemans for years to come.
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I met him once when i was down visiting Frank Bebb. He was a super guy and had a serious collection. 
He will be missed.
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Patty Brinkdopke

So we just lost a very Dear friend. He was a very special man we loved and cherished. Richard Wolfenden known simply as Wolfy to his friends had an infectious smile that lit up a room. Funny story....this photo was taken at a CoCos restaurant down the street from us. Wolfy lived in Yucca valley and would get his vehicle serviced at the auto mall here and would always take us out to eat.
Anyways this lady came in and sat down, moments later a police officer came in to arrest her so I immediately grab my phone to take a pic because this was unbelievable and happening before my very eyes. Wolfy as you can see thought I was taking his pic so of course he grins with his signature smile. Wolfy had a ♡ of gold in every sense of the word. I'll miss his smile,I'll miss his big teddy bear hugs,I'll miss him more than words can say. We love you dear Wolfy.(Aka Lantern King) and thank you for starting me on my Pink Coleman Collection ( as Steve calls it Patty's Pink stuff)
Patty and Steve

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Steve that’s a great memory thanks for sharing. I am sure it helps others Of us that did not know him to at least get  a small glance in to who he was. You can tell he had a friendly disposition from that picture.  Me and my family will say a prayer form him and his family tonight.
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R.I.P., Wolfy.  I had not talked to him in years, but he was a great guy and helped me out a lot when I was getting started in the hobby.  He had a lot of great parts for 520 and 530 stoves and I shared the enthusiasm for those.  
Looks like someone is being cuffed in the background. Must have been a tough joint?

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It was Love at first light!!! Scott
I had some dealings with the King.  He was always very helpful!

RIP and thanks Mike.
Bruce Sheehe
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I didn't know him at all, but if he was well liked by members here and considered a good person, then I'm certain he was.  RIP sir.
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
Wolfy is/was the one responsible for getting me started in this hobby . i bent the first 220 tip cleaner assembly i ever removed :-) i bought one from him on ebay and he said i could come pick it up at his place instead of mailing it and i would get to see over 5000 lanterns , so i gassed up the car and headed out , jaw dropped to the floor when i saw everything . he actualy went back to coleman witchita and got schooled n certified as a coleman repair man  . he shared a lot that he knew with me . we would go to a lot of swapmeets together , but somehow he always found the good stuff wile i was on the other side of the isle LOL , he bought a lot of fishing reels too ..... after a while we would call me and ask how to fix something , but i was a grasshopper once too . this is a pic Wolfy took of Patty n I quite a few years back in the Yucca house . i think we went back close to 20 years now , he introduced me to Frank Bebb and i have been playing with this stuff ever since .
i used to go over there n weed eat n mow his whole acre or what ever it was and he would pay me with coleman stuff :-)
i have a PQ and a BQ he gifted me over the years . a parts rack too . i mowed his yard for the #4 radiant heater i have . i got a lot of stuff from Wolfy the more i think about it . he was big at giving Christmas presents . one year he painted these match boxes and gave em out . but most years he made His Mothers recipe of some kind of pudding loaf , steamed in a fancy can , full of nuts n persimmons ect .  and he gave those out .  i have the recipe here some where .

[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Saddened to hear of Wolfys passing. Many of my finer things came from Wolfy. The last thing he sold me was a beautiful 442 red wing stove. Chided me for not having one. Made me promise not to let anyone know he sold it to me. Never did till now. I will miss him. 
William Bresina 
I never met him but by all accords he was a great guy. Rest easy fella, we'll see you on the other side!
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Will light a few for his passing this evening.  Thank you for sharing a little of his story...
i bought my Arc lantern from him for $ 717.00 . he thought long n hard and said 717 !!! and i just said OK thinking what a weird price ???? but i happily paid up :-) i could go on n on with Wolfy stories . i will shure miss him ,,,,,,, " Well , Yaaaa  "   that was his everyday Quote !!!
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
I never had the pleasure of dealing with him but rest in peace brother.
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Aww man, I am sorry to hear of Wolfy's passing. I met him once at his place he truly was a super guy. The comment about the suitcase  stoves is no joke, if they were all dropped on the market at once the prices would drop faster than a prom dress. 5,000 lanterns was probably a conservative guess. Truly a loss to the hobby and humanity. E
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I never met him, but if he's one of us, he's a good guy in my book. R.I.P. sir. Thank you Mike for acquiring his collection and doing what you can to keep those parts and pieces in the right hands.
I've been out to his place several times, including '06. He had a small shed with the nice stuff in it. I bought a stash of factory nickel plated 237 burner parts from him. He had thousands of lanterns hanging everywhere. I heard one wife say "I will never nag my husband about collecting again". RIP Richard Wolfenden. He was a produce dealer from Salinas, CA.
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Wolfy was quite a character, as nice and as cantankerous as they come. We would show up on Saturday morning and have to go find him at "The Flea" first, then bring him back home. He had stuff tucked away in 2 sheds, the house, garage, an enormous RV barn, and some overflow went into a U-Haul moving truck. Every time I would show up, the stuff was piled deeper. We had some good times hanging out with Wolfy there an at the occasional campout. 
100_0308 copy.jpg 
This is a view of the underside of his patio cover, I estimated 300 lanterns there alone.  

Tonight I lit a 2/64 Sears that I got from Wolfy back in 2011:
20200429_221153 copy.jpg 

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My sincere condolences to the family of Wolfy / Lantern King.  I never met him, but he definitely fit the definition of "collector."
Mike, he would be glad to know, no doubt, that his parts are in your care.
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Sorry to here of his passing. I've purchased from him thru Ebay numerous  times.
He must have bought every lantern and stove that he ever ran across to have that many. I do not envy Mike for getting involved in this. 

I never met him and Saddens me to hear of anyone's passing but add this to the number of friends/family here is even harder RIP Wolfy
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I too had purchased from Wolfy in years past. Wonderful man. Sorry to hear of his passing.
he will be missed I am sure. My condolences. God Bless Him!
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RIP The Lantern King...!

Let it burn....        
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You're never gone as long as you're remembered. 

RIP sir
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sorry to hear, will light one up.
I used to live in Yucca Valley. I would see Wolfy at the local flea market every Saturday. I had to make sure I got there early before he did. If not, he would buy up all the good stuff! Sorry to hear of his passing. 
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Sorry to hear Wolfys passing.  My condolences to his family and his friends. I'm sure he will be sorely missed. 
Steve let me know if Mike wants you to help. If I'm available maybe I'll take a ride out there to help also.

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Sorry to say, we have lost a real collector that was always on fire for Coleman. I have known Wolfy for many years and recall lots of Saturday's where he and I would get together and fettle on our own Coleman projects. We would meet at the flea at times very early in the morning and not leave Yucca Valley until 7:30ish unless we went to Sizzler's for dinner. The day just flew bye while we spoke about all things under the sun. I would always tell myself, i would not buy too much  but somehow always came home with much more than expected. Wolfy would remind me that the lanterns and stoves were his retirement and when I bought from him, I was helping him in his golden years. 

There will never be another one like Wolfy-  he is missed

Looking for any Lantern dated "10-89" (B/D lantern for my Son)
Sad. Jerry in Madison also another great collector. He has been gone for a year or so now.
It's in the right hands now. It will all sell. Some will just sell faster than others. 

he had lots of green 220's. But I remember seeing a few mint US 200's in one shed, some had dents removed by an old timer he knew. He had a lot of stock parts that were magnificent. Like nickel plated steel 237 burner caps from the '40's. And original screws for pump caps.
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I dealt with the Lantern King a few times. Good guy to deal with.

Glad you got dibs Mike. What a giving back to the community. Hope my stuff doesn't end up in a dumpster. 
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Was he the Lanternking on the bay? 
Pastor Jeff
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Sorry to hear of his passing.  He clearly had an impact on the GPA community.
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So Sorry to hear about his passing away. He sounds like a wonderful man. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing his Coleman Collection and sharing stories.  (Cigar Mike, I hope you were only kidding about throwing away the suitecase stoves in a 30 yard dumpster)
Jim looking for a generator for a Pentiss Wabers #8 stove
Was he the Lanternking on the bay?

ICCC member #604

I went to call my friend today and his number was disconnected. When I searched his ebay user name it showed that he hadnt sold anything in six months and thats when I knew that something wasn't right.  That eventually led me here to this thread and the very sad news that Richard had past on.  The last I time spoke to him was probably a year or more and it was our normal hour plus conversation ranging from lanterns to life in general you name it.  He knew his Lantens thats for sure.

Richard told me about how he got started buying parts here and there when he worked for the grocery produce business.  While out of town would hit up old hardware stores flea markets and any place that might parts stocked.

If you look at a the instruction sheet packed in a Coleman gas product from the late 90’s early 2000’s you will see his contact info for warranty or repairs.  He has definitely left his mark in the Coleman world.

I never met Richard face to face but every time I would call to talk with him it was like we were old friends.  I know that he is deeply missed by a lot of people and I for sure am one.  RIP Lantern King 


What I’ve read from previous posts Mr. Wolfenden was a true gentleman and kind soul. My condolences to his family and to those on this forum who had the pleasure of meeting him. RIP sir. 

Dave                                                       BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #1957

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a true gentleman and kind soul

could be just a touch cantankerous
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