200A and 202 reproduction
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Well I thought it was quite a deal. A box full of stuff at a low price. 
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The big prize for me was the 200A with its spare parts safe, the 1st one for a 200A I've ever seen in the wild. Inside was silklites, a generator, and a wrench.  Did the ususal cup lube and gas cap replacement.  Pumped it up and let it burn without mantles, looking good.  Put in a mantle, and whilst doing the preburn, the asphalt next to the lantern started on fire.  It had rained last night so I the driveway was wet.  Anyway I turned the lantern over to see a few blisters in the paint.  Scraping them off revealed the rusty spots where it was leaking.  Dumped out the remaining fuel thru a filter funnel, and the filter picked up a lot of crap.
So what I though was a screaming good deal is suddenly not so good.  Looks like I have now parts for another frankie.  I think the reason this happened was long term storage with the spare parts safe lead to rust. 
On the bright side, the two 220 lanterns are in good shape.  The 5114 propane lantern is the only Coleman  propane lantern I have ever wanted. 
And then there is this ventless thing that I have no idea what model it is, but it has a really cool  Piezoelectric sparker that I might find a use for.
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sorry about your luck it was a nice looking lantern. Have you considered buying a replacement fount? They can be found pretty reasonable on the bay.
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Judging by what the parts safes cost, and the fact that you have the generator, you likely still made out on the deal. 

Look into the fount with a flashlight.  I bet it rusted through from the inside.   If the parts safe allowed moisture in, then it would have also escaped when dry. 


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
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I have a few founts if your interested p.m me .
Ooooo, we hates the leaky bottom.  We hates it!
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Willy, some of us feel your pain; been there, finding something decent, only to discover a bad fount.
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Been there, done that.

Fortunately, OCP usually has a good selection of 200A founts. A WTB ad in the classified should find several, too.

Rust on the inside of a fount is why I dump the contents of the fount every time I re-fuel. I then top it up to what the lantern takes and filter through a felt Coleman filter funnel, which will stop any water from getting back in.

"The heartbreak of a leaky bottom" would be a good tagline for Depends.
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