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Doug L

What are those things called that are used to tighten the ropes? They have two holes  and sort of lock the rope.

I want to make a few out of wood

looking for a Hugo Moller Comet  Stove 5 or 6


Depends on the manufacturer. They are typically called either Guyline adjusters, or Guyline tensioners.
Love my old school Coleman liquid fuel gear. Looking for tips and tricks to make the most of it.
Use this knot; A taught line hitch. Always free, handy and available.

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Hot Diggity
Dog bones.

   I'm using surplus aluminum ones now, but Dad made them out of hardwood.  I think some birch plywood would be more crack resistant.
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I had them rope tighteners on my canvas canopy and I was not able to get them tight as I wanted and they would slip a bit.
So I switched to using a truckers hitch, I am able to get the canopy as tight as I want and is an easy quick release when time to break camp
He said " I only just want one lantern that works"
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+1 on the truckers hitch. It’s my go to knot.
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