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I got this 242B in the mail the other day, but was disappointed when I saw that it appeared to have several stress cracks in the fount.  I finally got around to putting in a pump and dunk testing it.  It failed in about 5 or 6 places around the fount.  I hear that the painted 242B may be somewhat rare. If I am interpreting the date code correctly, it is a '41 model. 

Is there a reasonable way to fix the fount, or have I got a parts donor lantern?

Thanks Tim 242b1.jpg  41242b2.jpg  41242b3.jpg  41242b4.jpg  41242B5.jpg   
You're looking at a replacement fount. The odds are fair that you can repair it, but the consequences are severe if it fails. Pressurized gasoline-saturated air and open flames are a bad combination. Google BLEVE.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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I figured it was not reasonable or practical, and even if I could fix the ones that are known, how close is the next on to showing up? nobody knows.  If anybody has a donor fount, I would consider buying it.  If anybody needs donor parts, I would consider offering it up for parts.  Otherwise, it it may just get painted up real pretty and stuck on the shelf at work to start conversations and generate leads, without having to worry about someone stealing it. Perhaps with a hole drilled in the bottom, or the fill cap glued on.  It would be a good candidate for electrification, but electrification makes me cringe.  
Things that have "cracks" may be more prone to a catastrophic brittle type failure than components with corrosion and rust issues. You could probably seal the current cracks with a good solder, but the crack may continue to grow the next time the tank is pressurized. You might experiment with sealing the tank cracks with solder, then you can pressurize the tank with water and see if it develops more leaks or the cracks continue to grow.
Wow, that one has had a life. I’ve never seen a Coleman fount crack that bad. I wonder if this was in a fire?  11/41 was the transition month to a painted fount. You find both nickel and painted 242Bs with that date. 
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replace the fount if you plan on using it.. Cracks like that are rare in a Coleman.
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I would find a readily available painted C fount for now maybe. That would give you time to find a B if you want to. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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1969BuickGS wrote:
  It would be a good candidate for electrification.  

Good idea though.

I would look for a smaller fount, cut the bottom off your fount, and fake it by sticking the good smaller fount inside 😃 
Only because I really like the patina of that fount you have.
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Yeah that one's got "custom" written all over it. Agree that this level of cracking is uncommon for Coleman.  Maybe it spent some time around too much ammonia?
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