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My father in law acquired this collapsible portable single burner unit, we aren’t sure what the make and model are. I’m appealing to the stovie knowledge base for help. 
Many thanks!

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That's a M-1950 stove (Coleman 536).  I believe they were made by 3 companies for Coleman
You'll want a gasket-and-pip kit for that M1950.  Is there a date on the stove trself (probably on the side)?  It looks like it had a pump fire and lost its decal.

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They weren’t made for Coleman. They were made by several different companies when each got the contract. Coleman, Rogers , Wyott, Fiesta, SMP. Maybe others I forgot. 

Look on the side under the filler hole. Will have the year and manufacturer name.

Edit:  Leyse is the can manufacturer. They made stoves too. But you are missing the flame spreader, so don’t light it until you replace that. 
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Looks like you have a project going there. How is the control knob? Looks like it caught fire at some point in time. Our host here at OCP should have all the parts that you would need to do a complete rebuild. They are a fun stove  with lots of information here on rebuilding and first light off.
Gand28 wrote:
missing the flame spreader, so don’t light it until you replace that. 

Ooh, good catch Greg!  It's pretty nearly improbable to successfully light one without the spreader plate: leads to automatic sadness.  Mike has M1950 burner bowl assemblies (includes plate) at a fair price.

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