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i have just purchased a coleman dual fuel lanyern this past summer... how do i store that for the winter???     do I need to release the pressure i have built up in the thank and if so   how???


It's a good idea to empty the fuel for storage.  Just release the pressure by unscrewing the fill cap (slowly) and empty it out.  Store in a warm, dry place if possible.


Add: let the residual fuel evaporate for a couple of days, then put the gas cap back on lightly. That way, it does not leave that indentation in the rubber that over the years makes it hard to seal. brent

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 A trick I learned at the Madison show is to get a new cotton mop and cut a strand off of it.  Drain the lantern and then stick the strand into the fount and leave about 4 inches sticking out of the fount.  The residual gas will wick out and evaporate faster.  It usually works in hours.
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Store for winter?!?!? That's when I use them the most! Got one running to see while watering the yard.

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Put about a teaspoon of Seafoam in the tank and burn it dry.  That will help with any varnish or other fuel build up.  Then pour out the little fuel that is left and let the tank dry, as described in the other posts.  I love the mop string trick!

Or, hang the darn thing on the front porch and fire it up all winter.  That sunshine warms the soul!

leave the valve open as well, it helps release the tension on the F/A spring, I also use mine more in the winter

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Releasing the tension on the f/a spring is what i also recommend.
I also use a little gun cleaning patch lightly soaked with some good gun oil and 
this helps protect the burner cages.Most of us just try to remove the 
rust on the burner cages when cleaning them up , but it will come back again 
if not protected with some good quality oil.Some people apply some high heat clear to protect the burner cages after cleaning and then displaying in their collection.
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Rinse it out with denatured alcohol, then drain it.  Use the wick trick until the wick is dry.  Put the fuel cap on loose, and store at a constant temperature to avoid condensation.  A good idea is to seal in a plastic bag.  The coating of light oil is a great idea.

For long term storage, some advocate a small amount of WD-40, or Automatic Transmission Fluid in the fount.  Label the lantern, so you remenber to rinse this out before the next use.
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