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I jumped on this "228D" BIN that turned out to be a 228B, because I'm fond of 228's and this one came with a bunch of Silkies and a spark lighter that intrigued me.  It looked different in the pictures, but I was surprised at how different it is. 

The tube appears to have been sawed most of the way through and then simply bent 90 degrees.  It sparks very nicely thanks to the larger finger wheel.  This sparkie is fixed.  It doesn't move up and down like the Made in China models I usually see. 

Does anybody know who manufactured it and a time frame when it would've been made?

Spark lighter
I think this one will clean up okay.
When did Coleman stop making mantles with Thorium?  These mention Thorium on the label.  I will have to test the Gold Tops.  Last couple I tested were absolute garbage.  Might've been a bad batch. 
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Thorium is slightly radioactive, while they produced a whiter light it's not good to breathe in the fumes when burning in, or touching the ashes and not washing your hand leading to ingesting it.
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Those silk lite packages in your pic were the last Coleman mantles to have thorium I think. Then they went to the gold tops which had no thorium but I’m not sure of the date. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Nice scores Chuck! That B will be a beauty ðŸ‘
Mike has got some straight lines last I checked if you need/want one for it.
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Supposed to be  D and he sent a B??

Man you got screwed....😎
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Glad you got, I’m looking for a B to add to my collection but that one had the frame a little bit more rusted than I wanted. Please update pictures once cleaned. 

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