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Hey good people

Here are a few pictures from my winter camping symposium survival class, building a bed and shelter.  The Instructors were from the Karamat Wilderness Ways school, from Alberta  https://karamat.com/
One of these years I am going to go to their full length winter class in Alberta.

Testing out the bough bed

The sapling springs under the pine boughs. These are actually emergency snowshoes we made earlier in the day.

The completed shelter, with the front window pulled up.  In it final setup the plastic window is pulled down, the fire is lit,  turning the shelter in to a warm bubble.  Note the Mylar space blanket on the inside roof acting as a heat reflector.  Since it was not very cold last week, no fire was necessary.  I stayed warm and dry both nights. 

That is a fantastic "Super Shelter" you built. Those Karamat Wilderness instructors are great.

It's also a warm Hunting Blind...

I have used one of tahese warm winter shelters on very cold winter days as a deer hunting blind. Set up very much like you have. If the sun is out you will stay warm. Keep it vented for fresh air and use a single burner stove with a heat drum to warm the shelter during the day while it's used as a hunting blind. Yes, camoflauge it.

Your alternate front viewing window has shooting ports cut out and covered with black plastic window screen material. This way you can sit back comfortably inside the shelter with a back rest and foot rest. Move around without giving away your position, and see out. The window screen can also be shot through or just cut small ports in it for the rifle. Support the rifle with a tripod made of  finger size tree branches. Works elk hunting in Montana.

Here it is below...the how to.

Stephen - Florida
It is all about creating a micro-climate for survival (a survival cocoon).

Excellent video and thanks for sharing it.
Bruce Sheehe
ICCC #889 - Connoisseur of Time, Friends, Leisure, & Coleman   Altoona, PA - The Mountain City - Near The Eastern USA Continental Divide
I have a couple of survival manuals I have read and re-read along the years, one is from the US Air Force, the other from the US Army, both excellent and have quite good information on how not to die when you can go along reasonably well. Shelter construction, edible foods, fire starting, water collection, etc.... It is good to see you had fun!
Can't sleep, squirrels will eat me....

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