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I love boxes and containers and want to get my lanterns safely to camp so, like all of you, have picked them up as I come across them. I have three commercial carriers.  Two Coleman clamshells, one with a 228 and one spare for whatever.  I was also lucky enough to spot this Smith-Victor I found in a local antique mall for $12 so couldn’t pass it up.  I put a cardboard base plate in and electrical taped the spring clip in the top to prevent scratches and it was good to go for another 228. The handle was broken but I think to much of the lantern then to carry it around by a top handle should the latches slip.

However my favorite things are hand made!  I love the idea that someone appreciated their lantern enough to make a case for it.  I have five, four of which are pictured here.  
Left to right.  A box a favorite uncle of mine made to house his 242 which is my favorite lantern due to my love and respect for him. A dear man, gone now but not forgotten.  A WWII veteran of the Pacific theater, I think of him every time I look at the 242. The second is just a simple standard home made box by some anonymous guy that I got in trade and perfectly fits a 220 So was likely made for it.  Nothing special, just a good well made home crafted lantern box.  A gem. The third is a thing I made for yet another 228 (I seem to attract them and I find them cheap).  I made this box to transport a lantern and then to serve as my camp kitchen pantry for seasonings, matches and things I can leave out at night and maybe the trash pandas won’t raid. The forth is a great box I got in Oregon no doubt someone in the heating/air trade or otherwise knowing the sheetmetal trade.  It perfectly fits a really pristine 62 200 which I would have bought by itself but it came with the box.  Here are the jewels inside (did I mention I like nickel?)

last is my crate for my 327 & 427.  I had the old crate, I can’t throw out perfectly good things that I don’t have a current use for.  Some people call it hoarding and I call it, well hoarding but that’s my children’s problem after I’m gone.   Anyway, I got the 327 and need a carrier for it and spotted the crate in my junk pile or my resource reserve and noticed the 327 fit it well if the crate stood on it side.  The back of the crate indicated it was originally made to ship a computer but with a little creative writing and a lantern stencil it became a lantern crate.  The back shown here
There was no front on the crate so I made one out of redwood.  I got a little creative with it.  I needed someone to address it to and if you don’t know who Roy Chapman Andrews is google him, a fascinating man who went on an expedition to Mongolia I search of fossils among other adventures.
And because the queues (French for lines but Disney speak for line entertainment displays) at Disneyland’s Jungle Safari and Indiana Jones are my favorite part of the park, I decided to outfit this crate with all the things I thought an explorer may need after a hard day hunting fossils besides all the supplies for a couple of lanterns. 
As you can see, the two lanterns, a gallon fuel, wrench, arches, snake bit medicine (do they have snakes in Mongolia?), compass, rock hammer and a pipe for relaxation. The period tins have generators and mantles. Everything but the .38 fit in the upper shelf.  Last picture is the crate in a recent camp.  Makes a nice desk. 
Very nice, Marty! Love how you ran with the idea. I to, have a thing for  lantern cases. Just wondering about the next owner? Might think they found the real thing..lol..campinut..
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
That crate set-up is really great!
DougA  ... fettler and keeper of a family collection of nickel: a 249, a pair of 237s, and a 1938 228B, along with a late 1979 red 200a.  Then two more turned up, a 1941 243A and a 1944 242C, and now there's a b-day 200A lantern, too!.
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Very nice, I love the last one!
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Thanks Marty!  You validate a good portion of my lantern existence.  Amazing how similar boxes are, and how interesting stories are.
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Nice boxes. I'm just getting into them. Recently repurposed a  crate for my 502. Love the last one
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So cool, I love what you did with the last box! It looks like it would fit right in with Dr. Jones’s equipment. I believe he had a 228B  hanging from the Mercedes truck, one of my favorite parts of Disneyland.
It burns like a Howitzer
If Marty and Russ got together, think of the things they would create!

(It’s a compliment to you both!)
Greg -- Fiat Lux!
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Getting creative AND utilitarian at the same time. Fun ideas. 
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I'l have to pull all mine together for a "family shot" like that!  Cool collection Marty!
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