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To pass time I recently bought a M42 Mod stove to get it into working condition. Like I need another one. Also have a M42 Valve Wheel that needs a lot of TLC and then some. Started to compare fuel tanks. M42VW is a steel tank, pot holder and arms all attract a magnet. The wheel itself  is non magnetic as are of course the brass parts. 
On the 42 Mod It appears almost the entire stove is stainless and non magnetic except for the pricker lever which is magnetic. Then to my surprise on both of the stoves what I thought would certainly be magnetic the burner bowls  are not, even the little flame defuser is non magnetic. Anyone else ever notice this on these stoves?
 What got me comparing the two stoves is that the wheel stove tank needs replacing. Pin holes and a stripped bung. Also just noticed that the non legible instruction plate on the 42WV stove has lifted and is now ready to fall off. Self destructing just sitting here on the table.
 Wondering what the consensus is on using just a tank from a M42 Mod. in order to save the Valve Wheel stove.
I would like your thoughts gentlemen.
I didn't realize there was a difference in the steel until I got my wheel stove. When it arrived I looked in the fount and saw rust.  I immediately grabbed a magnet. The wheel stove also has an instant lighting F/A tube instead of the straight through tube present on the MOD version. Both stoves work better with the preheat, though it is mandatory on the MOD. I think that another interesting thing is that the burner bowl turns with the wheel so when the stove is stored with the arms down it prevents the valve from being opened accidentally. 

To answer your question about the rusty fount versus the MOD fount, if you want to use the stove I'd swap it out with an Aladdin fount (so it looks more original) and then enjoy it. Keep that old fount somewhere safe and then swap it back if you want to sell it. A collector will likely know that the fount is not original due to the missing metal tag. There are some people who would want a wheel stove even if they couldn't use it. 
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