200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

So I went on a 9hr road trip after I had dialysis, don’t worry I had a friend do all the driving.

It is a model 5 with bakelite valve knobs and ceramic regulator valve, it worked as is just added some CF pumped it up to 15psi opened the pre-heat valve and let rum for a 1 1/2 or so, then cracked the main valve and three of the burners lit along with the three generator burners I had to use my blow torch to light the rest of the burners so I’m thinking I might need to clean it, I ran it for about 5min to help burn some rust and junk off.

I will install the radiants when it cools down, they were removed for transport. The only issues are obviously the rust and one of the radiants is missing a little bit of the cross hatching at the bottom of it but I don’t think it will affect performance.

32E32735-469B-444A-9360-232053D25167.jpeg  2F8D56EF-B510-4721-8138-C761CFB32B54.jpeg  4715EFF8-94E4-4E9A-947C-B19B2443358E.jpeg  6DBFC6E1-D978-4169-A5E3-239A787EBC91.jpeg  3791C098-7FEE-4D48-A8CA-D868BF1C0965.jpeg 
Hot find!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Forgot to ask what exactly is the regulator supposed to do, I tried adjusting it but there was no change to the flame.
Here’s a pic of the broken radiant. 12DDA453-3D42-41D8-9B40-91E29C47C4C2.jpeg 
Great find!
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Good for you, Robert, that's a nice heater you found!
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