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Couldn’t stand it any longer and the wife and I did a whirlwind trip through four states in four days of just getting out.  Practiced all safety practices of avoiding people as much as possible, hand washing, masks, etc.  We just wanted to sight see, she can’t walk far.  We circled up by Gunhippies country but not quite that far.  I investigated any antique or second hand store open but many were still closed.  Didn’t see a lot in the GPA that I had to have but did pickup a few things. Best was a 220 B that was in a junk shop for cheap but is rusty and will require a total treat down.  The bottom is heavily tinned as was the custom with those but I believe I see an 8 which would be about right given the other parts.  I do like 220B’s and can’t have enough of them. Others I grabbed for the globes or, in the case of the propane, the box.   Found what looks like a decent 400 with aluminum case but no grippers. Not shown is a nice 80’s aluminum high stand still in the box.  The stand and the 220 H will go with my recently acquired Coleman Olympic tent which I hope to use next month if the pandemic allows. Eastern Oregon, Western Idaho and Northern Nevada are a study in old homesteads and little towns that have come and gone.  Should have taken more photos but here a few of some of the Abandoned places we saw on the way and a line up of treasures. 

3B04E385-86DD-42DC-B7EE-16570CF67489.jpeg  3E0CCD3B-1B03-4720-8A91-EBBE726ED8A1.jpeg  E9B6335E-AE24-4200-8707-46042F2EE422.jpeg  052990E0-7A77-496E-ADCA-DB7FFE632C9C.jpeg  31A00D7A-9D27-4040-AF36-8333174975C0.jpeg  

Should have posted in Just Bull, my bad. 
That is a GREAT trip!

As for Unity - bought rifle shells in that shop in late 1970's 

Pic (by others) from 2010

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Nice to see you were able to break out and get some exploring done! Sounds like you covered some good ground, too. Boy, those places are frozen in time. Thanks for sharing, Marty.

— L.J.
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Not much changed in 10 years.  Gas pump is still there.  


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Nice pictures and a nice group of finds there. Old building’s are fascinating to me  especially if they are full of cool old stuff
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I have to agree with Lee. Old buildings like that,  frozen in time, really hit a soft spot with me. It makes me think of a much simpler time in history. A time that would've been great to have been a part of. Your goal finds are nice as well.
Good to know you and the wife were able to take a trip, Marty; nice pictures and nice that you found some treasures.  I can get lost in thought looking at pictures of old buildings like the ones you shared; I wonder what the store sold, what kind of people shopped there, etc. 
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These were both general stores in remote towns.  One was on highway 26 through Oregon, just west of the Idaho boarder but very remote.  Back in the day when the local store had the basics.  No supermarkets. We went in others that were still serving the small community.  I like to help the locals and buy car snacks and such when passing through. I still check out these stores for GPA parts as they usually have a little of everything.  The second store with the grill and ethyl pump was the victim of one of those new name brand (I think She’ll in this case) gas station minimarts who could likely undersell the old dinosaur.  The first picture may have been a little cafe or bar.  Hard to say anymore. 
Looks like a great trip. It's cool to see what the old shops still have on the shelves. Nice find too. 
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Just to get out is worth the effort. Great and sad to see the old buildings sitting Idle. But good to see them at all.
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Unfortunately social distancing and masks may be catchwords of the future but you  did get out and had a wonderful time. That is a great part of the country. Congrats on making the trip
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 

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