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I have been going through a half a dozen or so Coleman 118/L220 slants and have noticed some differences in parts. The 118 lamps I believe are early, The lanterns are 3/28 through 4/29.
I have found long tubes and short tubes that come on burners marked 5127 as well as on unmarked or marked with a single 8. Some assemblies have more nickel plating than others. I believe these are earlier. I also have a NOS burner with no marking. Neither of the lamp burners have nickel plating at all.

The little Tee shirt plate is different early from late. Early ones have full arms; late ones have one arm smaller. early is on the right

The fuel pickup tubes have differences. I believe the early tips were flat unmarked, and the later are P tips. One of the tip covers is noticeably longer than the others, with a knurled end. The NOS one is on the right with a nickel plated P tip and sporting a 220B fuel screen.
P1050172.JPG P1050173.JPG 

There are differences in the vent nuts: The early ones have much deeper vertical lines. The two on the left are NOS. The earliest is on the right. The top one must have been a replacement.

And the fill caps are interesting, notice the vent hole in the wing.
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Otto, those are really interesting differences. Nice to see them all side by side. I have one fuel cap with the hole in the wing. Thanks for sharing.

This should go into the archives. Good info. Thank you.
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Yes, very interesting comparison.  I too have a winged cap with the vent hole drilled through the wing.  Don't recall what it came with, but interesting to know it was not a one time trial.
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#3 (4?) with a vent hole in the wing. 

What I find interesting is that Coleman publicly blamed the failures of the Slant on the performance of the T-88 generator with poor quality gasoline when the range of design changes to the fuel pickup shows they clearly realized the orifice metered fuel system was problematic.
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That’s great information I’m doing my first slant now. Thank you very much for sharing all that
Don't forget the valve knob differences. Reese's style was early and bakelite was later. The lanterns attached to the valve assembly differently on the lanterns also compared to the lamps.
ANd the close—> on both sides of the knob
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